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Getting Married? Here’s what you need to Ask Your Partner

Growing up and watching all those romantic movies, makes us wish we end up finding that special someone who we are willing to love and settle down with for the rest of the lives. And as most romantic movies are, most couples end up living happily ever after-but the reality of that situation is actually pretty hard to pull off.

Getting married is a major life altering decision. It takes a lot of trust and effort between the partners to make things work. Sure, you could spend years together to know that you are compatible enough with one another to live together, but most couples prefer not to discuss about difficult or important issues which later on cause a mess in their marriage.

We will be honest with you- you never fully know everything about your significant other. There’s some information that you find out about your partner without them telling you but in some ways that’s a good thing too. This just gives way to get your interest peaking more in each other and that interest is one of the foundations that maintain the relationship.

However, even though some minor details might not affect you immensely about your partner, there are some things that you have to know and discuss with your significant other because once you are married, you are no longer two different people- you are a set of one and the couple that works hard together, stays together.

Here, we can provide you with some questions that are important to ask your partner before getting married. It doesn’t help in the long run if you shove these questions under a rug and hope to deal with them when the time comes, because guess what happens to those couples who do that? They cannot deal with it when the time come. If you want to make things work with your partner, set your shyness and indifferences aside and do not hesitate to ask them these questions. Knowing these things beforehand can help you figure out solutions earlier rather than later.

Do you want to Have Kids

This seems like a common question to ask before getting married but you will be surprised how less the number of couples there are that ask this question from one another.

Children can be one of the main causes that can either maintain or strain a relationship, so you need to thoroughly discuss your thoughts on this topic. Don’t settle for vague answers such as yes or no about having kids. Go into the details- how many kids do you want? What happens if we struggle to get pregnant? Are you ok with getting a child adopted? It’s best to address this issue together so that you know what to do when it’s time for you to deal with a situation involving children.

How are we going to Handle Our Finances

Money can be another main concern that can build or destroy a marriage. This shows an insight of your partners’ behavior regarding finances. You can even find out if your partner has debts or whether they wish to keep their financial resources separate.

It’s also important to know about each other’s money splurges- one of you can spend money recklessly or the other can be really careful with money- whatever the attitude may be regarding money, it’s important to lay it all out so that it can help you create a budget you both can agree on to use together for household purposes.

Do We Need Space? And If So, How Much

Sometimes being together 24/7 can create a routine in your everyday life which ends up causing your marriage to become stagnant. It’s natural to feel that and it’s ok if you want to have some space for yourself and ask your partner to respect that.  

Discuss with each other how much time you want off – one of you might want to have a night out with friends or you might want to do some activities alone such as working out or hiking. Everyone needs quality time and this is also another great way to keep the flame of your love going for each other for a longer period of time.

How Are We Going To Handle Our Conflicts

Conflict between couples is inevitable- researches on marriage and family for years have shown a number of proofs for that claim. You can’t avoid conflict so you need to work on how you both can handle it and make it past your problems without straining your marriage.

If there are times when you can’t handle issues and both of you end up with different conclusions, you can always opt for family law to help you go through the process of dealing with marriage problems should the need arise.

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