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Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned pro, all mothers want to give their babies the best possible nourishment. For many that means breastfeeding for as long as they can. While we’ve always heard the phrase, “breast is best”, wouldn’t it be nice to know what is exactly in your breast milk? How many vitamins is your child getting from it? What is the caloric content? What supplements should you take and do they make a difference? Moms deserve to know the answers to these questions about their breast milk.

That’s where the Lactation Lab comes in. Lactation Lab is the brainchild of Dr. Stephanie Canale and her husband Eric, based on their own quest for knowledge.

What was the impetus to start Lactation Lab?

When Dr. Canale went back to work at UCLA after having her second baby--jugging being on call, handling a full practice and pumping at work--she wondered what was in her milk. This especially became a concern when her daughter stopped pooping and was not gaining weight at an appropriate pace despite getting enough milk.

“I contemplated starting formula despite my medical knowledge telling me that breast milk was best and despite producing enough volume of milk.  I was concerned about calories and vitamins and thought to myself of all the tests I can run during my daily routine why can I not test my milk?”

What do you offer Breastfeeding Mothers?

Lactation Lab allows mothers to send in a sample of their breast milk and get a personalized, easy to understand report of exactly what is in it. We do not test everything in milk. We test what is affected by diet and maternal supplements.

We help them answer questions like:

Am I taking the right amount of DHA?

Am I eating the right kinds of foods?

Should I eat more of certain types of foods to increase the concentration of certain nutrients in my milk (e.g., iron, calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C for instance?

Lactation Lab answers these questions and empower mothers to make better choices about their health and to optimize their child’s nutrition.


What more can your tests identify?

Our lab also test for toxins that can be harmful to a child’s growth and development, like arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. Lactation Lab uses standards set by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for safe drinking water when determining whether there is a harmful levels in a mother’s breast milk.

We help moms make informed choices. We have found that high levels of toxins in milk can be normalized by identifying the source and reducing exposure.

How are you different from other breast milk testing services?

Lactation Lab is the only U.S. based company that is offering nutrient analysis of breast milk including testing for potential environmental toxins that can find their way into breast milk. Lactation Lab provides families with the tools they need to monitor and improve the long-term health of their children.

How do mothers purchase a breast milk testing kit?

Getting results is easy. Simply order one of two test kits. The basic kit tests calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. If you opt for the premium test kit you will also learn about the various vitamin levels (B12, C, A), iron, calcium, fatty acid profile including certain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids including DHA, as well as get a toxin screening. Once your kit arrives, collect about 30 ml of milk and ship it back in the prepaid container. Once the sample is received, it takes 5-7 days to complete the analysis. When it’s complete you’ll receive a full report in a PDF file sent to your e-mail. You can then print or forward to share it with your healthcare provider to discuss your results.

Why are you so passionate about the business you have built?

Knowledge is power. Lactation Lab gives mothers the power…the power to change their diets if necessary to provide the highest quality breast milk for their babies. Who doesn’t want that?


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