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Getting Your Body Back After Having a Child

Giving birth is one of the most amazing experiences anyone could hope for. New mothers usually find something out pretty fast though. The new life instantly becomes the most important thing in our own. But that doesn't mean we stop caring about other things as well. As such, most new moms quickly start to wonder about how they're going to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. Or even if there's a way to push that a little further and become healthier than they were before.

Woman Doing Yoga

Finding Your Motivation to Do it Right

The first step is to just frame things correctly. We all do better with difficult goals when we keep our reasons for it firmly in mind. Thankfully having a child gives the strongest possible motivator one could ever hope for. You've probably heard about mothers who lift cars to save their kid. We can accomplish amazing things when it's for the sake of our family. A newborn gives even stronger motivation to protect it.

You should give some thought to the fact that getting back in shape means you can be there for your baby. You're going to be able to be a role model for healthy living, be healthier to protect it from the world, and just be happier with yourself so you can be happier for the baby as well. Keep all of that in mind when you start to waiver with whatever plan you choose.

Nursing is Nature's Quick Fix to Weight

The numbers vary on a case by case basis. However, in general you can expect to burn about 500 extra calories per day by nursing your baby. This adds up to about 3,500 calories per week. Which, by coincidence, is about how many calories need to be burned to get rid of 1 lb of fat. Given that most babies are weaned at about 24 weeks one can see that's an impressive amount of weight loss.

It's best not to assume one can count on it as a primary source of weight loss though. In particular because in times of caloric scarcity milk production can go down. You want to lose that weight. But the baby's health should always come first. Likewise, some women simply can't nurse their newborn. For all these reasons it's best to consider milk production as a nice side benefit for caloric burn rather than the main mechanism.

Improve Your Diet

Did you know that your baby can taste what you eat when you're nursing? This means that if you nurse, you're increasing the chances of your baby enjoying whatever food it is that you're eating. That means if you want to give your baby a head start on healthy eating than you should eat healthy as well.

And this holds true even if you choose not to nurse your infant. Babies and children alike pick up their habits from watching mom. If you eat healthy they'll pick it up in one way or another. So you have even more motivation to eat healthy. Make sure you find healthy foods you genuinely like. And try to push down or even remove junk food from your diet. This is one of the key ways you'll not just drop weight not, but keep it off in the future.

Find a Good Structured Plan

You might be struck by the fact that exercise hasn't been brought up. This is because it's a more difficult topic than one might assume. It's usually best to find a structured system, like the Thrive Experience, which can slowly incorporate the best exercises into your routine.

Exercise can be an important part of weight loss. But there's a good reason why so many people give up on workouts even when they don't have to worry about baby weight. Properly incorporating it into one's lifestyle requires more finesse than people might imagine. But using a set plan ensures that one is following in the footsteps of the experts.

Closing Thoughts

Finally, the most important thing is to once again remember why you want to lose that weight. You're not just doing it for your looks. And you're not doing it just to feel better. You're doing it because it's something that'll help you be there for the new life you created. You'll feel better, which will help you take care of your baby. But you're also going to be a role model that will let him or her enjoy a longer and healthier life. Keep that in mind and you'll find the motivation to stick to all of the topics we've covered. 

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