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Gift Guide - For L'il Ones (and not so Little)

Every day, our kids are bombarded with commercials for toys they must have! Most of these toys will probably hold their attention for about five minutes and end up at the back of their closet. I try to never fall prey to these crazes (well, I did with the zu zu pets but only because I thought it would be a substitute for the real thing which the girls desperately wanted) and always try to come up with gift ideas that are far more 1. meaningful 2. high quality with lasting play power and 3. interesting which will guarantee lots of hours of engagement.

  The Elf on a Shelf Book Set – Sure to become a classic Christmas tale for the whole family.  This hard covered book come with its own Elf and kept in a keepsake box. Buy from Picket Fence. $29.95
  Eco Art Kits - Set their creative juices flowing with these eco-friendly art kits. Each come with everything you need to make keepsake works of art. Buy directly from Artterro. $19.95
CalacastleThis castle is large enough to walk, climb, crawl and play in. Plus it can be decorated inside and out. The sturdy card board palace, with its secret compartments, allows imaginations to soar. Buy from Creative Toy Shop. $79.99
  Press Here Book – Press the yellow dot on the cover and follow the instructions on each page and you will see dots multiply, change direction and grow in size. It is not magic but the power of ones imagination that makes this book fun for the whole family. Buy from Chronicle Books, $14.99 or on Amazon.
  Backpack For Kids – In a holiday season that can seem like it’s only about receiving, here’s a way to make your child happy and another child at the same time. For each backpack purchased, Schoolbags for Kids donates a schoolbag filled with school supplies to a child in need. One Here. One There.™ Shop here. $54.99
  Castle Dinner Set – Make dinners extra fun by transforming a castle into a complete set of dinnerware for your young knight or princess. Each set comes with a cup, bowl, plate, condiment holder, spoon and fork. Buy from VAT19. $19.99
Paperpunk – Build your own paper toy dog without scissors or glue. Everything you need is included. Buy directly from Paperpunk. $18.95
  Sitting Taller Kids Booster – Made from recycled rice bags this portable lightweight booster seat is perfect for restaurants, movie theaters or concerts! Kids love carrying it as a backpack. Plus it has a large convenient pocket to fill. Each bag supports the fight against human trafficking. Buy directly from Sitting Taller Kids. $49.99
Magnetic Surfer Woodie – Magnetic toy helps play pieces stay together giving hours of fun with no missing pieces. Buy from Jack Rabbit Creations. $40.00
  Tegu Blocks – Awaken your budding builder with the magnetic blocks that prevent their skyscapers and towers from crashing down. Buy directly from Tegu. From $5.00 – $125.00
Antic Ant Block Set – Trails of ants connect each side of the 16 blocks, forming an infinite number of patterns the children can connect to each other. Also includes images of ant hills, a queen with her egg and the ant’s enemy, the spider. Buy from Grows Up. $23.00
  Build a Fort – My kids love building forts. Inside or outside, it does not really matter. And I love their endless hours of play. But what I don’t love is my good sheets being used. Discovered this great kit to make any fort they wish. And the best part is that it all fits neatly back into the zippered bag until next time. Buy from Amazon. Girls might prefer the Princess Tent! About $25.00.
  The VINCI Tab – Now your child can have her very own tablet specifically designed for children. The VICI Tab offers safe, fun and inspirational learning experience through games, story books and music videos. Recommened for children ages 0 – 5 years of age. Buy from Amazon. $299.00 – $399.00
  My First Friend – I had to include this because I personally thought this was absolutely adorable and practical. This first friend yellow bear pacifier can offer temporary distraction to a fussy baby while soothing them with the attached pacifier. Buy on Amazon. $7.99
  Laser Peg Toy – Kits include 72 pieces of innovative LED parts that will provide hours of creative fun. Buy directly from MOMA. $45.00
I’ll Change the World Someday T-shirt – As the companies slogan says, “all change begins small’. The ultimate slogan tees that not only make a statement on their shirts but also on how they are made.  All tees are printed using non-toxic, water based inks and made in a sweatshop free environment. Check out Tiny Revolutionary Tshirts for the entire family. $22.00
MOGO – Magnetic charm bracelets for girls. The bracelet easily adjusts to almost any size wrist and can also be warn as an anklet or put two together to make a hairband. Mix and match the magnetic charms to customize it to their interests. A very cute accessory. Buy directly from MOGO or Amazon. Prices vary.
Safe-Listening Earphones for Kids - earphones are engineered to limit sound output while maintaining sound quality. A must-have for tech connected kids who listen to MP3 players, videos, portable game devices and any other equipment where they use earphones, and often, for hours. Buy $49.00 – $79.00
The Spooner – Simulate all your board sports on any surface anywhere. The Spooner Board is virtually an indestructible balance board that spins, flips, slides and wobbles, improving ones balance, coordination, stability and gross motor skills. Great for teenagers also. Buy directly from SpoonerBoards. $39.95 – $49.95
  Tail Wags Helmet Covers - Cute and creative helmet covers for skateboarding, skiing, cycling and any other sport you need to wear a helmet. Check out the adult line also! Buy directly from Tail-Wags. $40.00
  Wishbone Bikes - This sustainable, hand made in New Zealand bike with grow with your child. This bike converts to three stages of mobility, from 12 months old to age five. Gorgeous limited edition designs. Buy on Amazon or on the Wishbone site. $249.00
  Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game – This reminds me of the Hi Ho Cherry game but allowing kids 3 and older the ability to be strategic. Buy from Educational Insight. $19.99

Now that we have also inspired you with our Gift Guides for Her and For Teen and Tweens we have only just started. Next will be our Gift Guide for the Family. Can’t wait? Here’s a link to all of last years Gift Guides.

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