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Teens and tweens, are some of the hardest people to buy for. That is, unless you buy them the latest and greatest tech gadget… But wait! There are other gift ideas that do not start with the letter ‘i’.

We have put together this great list of gift ideas that will suit teens from the college student, the high school student and the even the tweens, who flipflop between Spongebob Squarepants and Selena Gomaz and Justin Beiber…

Boombox Pillow – What better way to update the look of their room than with accessories. This line of pillows gives the room a clear statement that this is an area for teens/tweens only. Buy from Meninos. $24.95
  Hiplock – For the student who rides to school this great accessory keeps their bike safe. When riding, the lock can be worn as a belt for easy “storage”. Perfect for the young, hip urbanite. Buy directly at Hiplock. $90.00
  Beatrice HolidayLooking for the ultimate gift for a young lady bike rider? How about a handlebar bag, a bike seat cover or some jewelry made out of recycled bike inner tube by Beatrice Holiday. Made in USA. Eco and animal-friendly. Use code ILUVBEA at checkout for 10% off at BeatriceHoliday.
  Bottle Lock – This stylish water bottle includes a five foot coiled cable that locks back into the bottle as well as a secure compartment for keys and other small valuables. No need to fill your pockets with unnecessary stuff that can be safe with your bike and leaving you unencumbered. Buy from KuatInnovations. $34.00
  Chain Ring – Great for either men or women this Chain Ring, designed by Gabriela Artigas, brings a definite but subtle sense of style the person who wears it. For the young, edgy fashionista. Buy here.  $70.00
  Charmed Design – Beautifully handmade these wrist wraps are ever so popular, with their positive messages. Buy directly from this Etsy Artist. $33.00
  Ego Books and Posters -  Create a fun book of memories for your teen by using their Facebook account. Seventy pages filled of status updates, pictures and comments, messages and links. Go to My Egobook on Facebook. The only catch is that you will need to be friends with them on Facebook. $35.00
Snap Frames – Slide their favorite photos into these ‘polaroid frames’. Add a dry erase pen to personalize each photo by writing on the frames. They come in a set of 9 from TWEAK99. $24.99
  Texting Gloves – The Agloves Bamboo glove allows you full access to your touchscreen devices while wearing them. Made with bamboo fibers and real silver throughout, these lightweight gloves keep your hands warm and reduces screen smudges and fingerprints on your touchscreen. Buy directly from Agloves. $23.99
Annie FINK Sleeves – Love these funky sleeves. Adds a touch of style and warmth to your ensemble. Comes in a variety of hip and chic designs. Love their leggings also! I wouldn’t mind a pair myself! Buy online from Annie FINK Designs. $24.00
  Bold Color Handbag – Perfect size for the college student on her night out, with a modern-retro feel. Comes in all primary colors including back and white. Buy from Bouf. $38.81  
  Inkling – Sketch on paper and refine your artwork later on your computer by storing your work on a receiver before uploading it. Perfect gift for the creative teen. See the Inkling on $199.00
  Rococo Mirror – This laser cut acrylic (10 times stronger than glass) mirror is a classic ornate mirror that would look great in a dorm room or on her dresser. Packaged flat for easy shipping. Buy from this Etsy artist. $30.00
  GRID-IT Organizer – From toiletries to electronic goods this versatile organization system will keep everything in its place, with less chance of loosing anything. To see the entire selection go to CocoonInnovations. From $9.99 – $49.00
  iCADE – Converts their iPad into a retro arcade joystick game with buttons. Classic arcade games are available through the App Store. Buy from ThinkGeek. $79.99
  Neckband for iPod Shuffle – Keep you earbuds and 4th generation iPod shuffle in order while wearing. Great for the active person who loves to listen to their music on the go. Comes in a variety of colors. Buy here. $29.00
  Fanny Wang Headphones – For the teens who can’t get enough bass in their sound. These headphones are designed to provide a forceful bass without the loss of clarity. The trendy look makes them the must have fashion accessory for any music lover. Buy directly from Fanny Wang. $69.99
  Mobi Speakers – Love these adorable and quality sounding speakers. Attach to any MP3 player and can easily hook onto a backpack. Portable and small enough to take it anywhere. Buy on Amazon. $19.00
Genetics and DNA Kit – As a child I was curious why both my parents had blue eyes and my sister and I had green eyes. I also wondered why I was the only one in my direct family that had a negative blood type. Was I adopted? I wish they had this kit back then. How cool would it be to investigate lineage and learn how traits are passed down from parent to child. Very cool! Buy directly from National Geographics. For ages 10 and up. $34.95


Our next Gift Guide to be published later this week is for the Little (and not so little) Ones. Until then check out our Gift Guides from last year.

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