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Gifts for New Parents They'll Actually Use

For many, families are only complete when they welcome a baby in the fold. A new born baby calls for celebration and homes and hearts fill with joy, good wishes and gifts from family, friends and well-wishers. However, whittling for gifts for new parents can be quite a task. Here are some wonderful gifting ideas for new parents that they will not only be happy to receive but will also end up using.

Say It with Blooms and Baby Hampers

Say you care with thoughtful gift hampers that contains a myriad of cute things for the cute bundle of joy and the parents alike. You can choose from hampers that contain colourful blooms or green plants, set of cuddly soft toys, hand embroidered singlets with matched socks, maracas, sweet baby clothes, bibs, or other delightful mix of goodies. Sydney new baby hampers offer a wide range of such hampers for new born babies and new parents – quirky and fun gifts that will convey your good wishes in welcoming their precious child into their lives. You can also arrange a hamper for only the parents which may include, cookies, fruits, few frozen main dishes or toiletries like lotions and serums and under eye gels and masks etc.

Actions Speak Louder – Be a Nap Baby-sitter

Many will agree that the best gifts for new parents are services and not things. By offering to be a nap baby-sitter you will allow the sleep-deprived parents some precious rest time - you watch the baby in your free time while the parents nap. A suggestion - please be specific instead of coming up with a vague-offer.

A Set of Luggage for Easy Travelling

If the new parents you know, are travellers or jet setters, a special set of luggage would be a perfect gift for them and also make the first flight of the little one even easier. These specialized luggage sets come with hidden laundry bag to keep away baby’s dirty clothes from everything else. Some even come with eject-able battery that will keep the parents’ phones charged on the go!

The 3 A.M Basket

This one is a little different from your regular hampers or goodies-baskets. This basket should include things that will help new parents deal with issues that happen in the middle of the night! You can put anti-flatulence drops, teething items, over-the-counter baby pain meds, baby thermometer, baby medicine dispensers, etc. The idea is to ensure that the new parents are prepared for just anything.

Extra Cash in Form of Gift Certificates

This may not sound very original but this is one gift idea you can never go wrong with. Kids need many different things as they grow and the gifts certificates give new parents a little extra cash to buy what the growing child may need.

While you can choose from a variety of gift options that are available for new parents, your gifts should celebrate the momentous milestone of birth of a new baby and reflect your love and care you have for them.

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