Gingivectomy – a Radical Measure to Save Your Gums

Periodontal inflammation is a familiar thing to many people. Waiting that one day it will just disappear by itself is the worst thing someone can do in such cases. Without proper treatment, the inflammatory process keeps developing. The gums detach from the teeth, forming pockets. These pockets begin to fill with food remains that will start rotting there.

If things have gone that far, you will need a professional pocket cleansing procedure performed by a dentist. Medication therapy allows reducing the inflammation and killing the microbes that caused it. The gum curettage performed with the help of laser, ultrasound or special hooked-shape devices will clean the pockets from the inside.

Unfortunately, sometimes even such serious treatments are not enough to solve the problem. In such cases, a gingivectomy procedure is appointed. It is the removal of the little part of periodontal tissue in order to let the doctor reach deeper tissues and clean the plaque and calculus from the dental root.

After this procedure, the periodontal tissues regenerate actively and get attached back to the teeth. The pockets reduce and often disappear completely. The bonus that gingivectomy gives is the ability to correct the level of the gum. The pocket formation process deforms it, and the procedure helps bring back the aesthetics of the smile.

Though it may not sound like this, the gingivectomy procedure is a real surgical intervention. Therefore, there is a risk of bacterial invasion that may aggravate the existing diseases, transferred all over the body with blood.

If a patient has problems with the cardiovascular or immune system, the disease of joints or liver or diabetes, the dentist must be aware about these conditions. In such cases, the medication therapy before the operation is required to stabilize the patient’s health and the make the rehabilitation period easier.

Never delay your visit to a dentist if you have problems with gums. Remember, the more neglected is the disease, the harder is the treatment.

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