Giving Christmas Away ~ Be An Angel Of The Night!

Somewhere along the way we have lost the true meaning behind Christmas. We got caught up in the commercialization of Christmas & we forget the true spirit. Our hearts have become hard.

For the next three months let us soften our hearts, let's give Christmas away.

Inspired by the book
101 Simple & Thoughtful Ways to Give This Christmas Awayby Matthew West.

Be An Angel of the Night! Matthew West says ~ Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, there was never a shortage of snow in December ... or January ... or February. Every time we would get hit by a snowstorm, Dad would say "This looks like a job for the angels of the night." My brothers & I would grumble a little as we put on our hats, gloves, & snowboots & headed out for a long night of shoveling.

We weren't shoveling our own driveway. Dad would take us to the home of a widow in our church or to the neighborhood of an elderly man who was too frail for manual labor.

I love this idea, but we live in Texas. In Texas we don't get much snow. When it does snow it is not very shovel worthy & everything seems to shut down. Most Texans don't drive in snow, nor should they (o: We could however mow a lawn, but mowing lawn is noisy & doing it in the middle of the night might get us shot (Texans pack heat, even old Texans).

These are my ideas for Angels of the Night ~ plant some flowers in the spring or put some potted flowers on their patio or by their front door. Hang a wreath at Christmas time. Deliver some non-perishable groceries, put them by the front door.

Be an example ... by doing good works, of every kind. Titus 2:7

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