Go Green - Clean Up Helper and Stain Remover

The worlds population is much more conscious these days when it comes to saving money, and saving the environment. Most people I know are either 90 percent "Go Green" livers or at least try and implement a "Go Green" strategy somewhere in their life. Going green can save money, the environment, and our health.
Here are two ways to go green by saving on paper towel usage and using a powerful yet natural stain remover that will leave you wondering why on earth you are spending money on toxic stain removers and using costly paper towels.
Using recycled paper products is certainly a smart choice, however you can go even further in your go green efforts by doing away with paper towel usage all together. Regardless of the situation there is an option for easy spill clean up.
Going Green in the Kitchen
1. For wiping down counter tops use a sponge or kitchen towel. For an extra go green step consider using 100 percent organic cotton cloths.
For an even more eco-friendly way you can easily make your own towels out of organic cotton or hemp, as these are excellent absorbent fabrics.

Here are few good reasons to make your own absorbent cloths.

Cloth napkins can be used and reused over and over again.
• Cloth napkins dress up your table.
• Cloth napkins help with spills.
• Cloth napkins take up less cold water in the wash than a bulky tablecloth.
• Cloth napkins are classy and chic.
• Cloth napkins feel good.
According to the EPA, the U.S. generates approximately 3,430,000 tons of tissue, napkins and paper towels of waste - all non-recyclable. Here's how to make your own absorbent cloth.

Messy Spills and Leakages
Now this is an easy one. Use old or mismatch socks, terry cloth or old clothes. Cut them to a suitable size and store them in a drawer for easy access when needed. These are also good to use when cleaning bathrooms or large areas requiring heavy cleaning.

Pet Clean up
Many people are still using paper towels or napkins to clean up pet stains, accidents and kitty litters. The reason people don't use old towels or clothing as suggested above to for pet clean up is that they don't trust the washing cycle to fully clean when it comes to pet waste. However, there is a way to encompass go green cleaning and use old cloths or clothing for pet clean up.
I always store my pet clean up cloths separate from the other cloths. I only use pet cloths for pet clean up. I wash them separately and add alcohol to the wash. This is still better by far then using paper towels or napkins.
Natures Powerful Stain Remover
The acidic nature of lemons offers a bleaching effect, especially when exposed to sunlight. It is also highly effective in the kitchen as a germ killer.
Ways to Use Lemon as A Stain Remover
For go green stain removal lemon is a powerful cleaning agent and should be used as much as possible in place of store bought toxic cleaners and stain removers.
1. Remove oxidation stains from copper pots.
Dip half a lemon in salt and scrub on copper pot.
2. Removing mildew stains from garments or fabric. Make a past of salt and lemon juice. Put paste on stain area and wash immediately.
3. Berry and other hand stains. Use the lemon and salt paste and rub hands together.
4. Olive or other other oil stains on fabric Gently rub a few drops of lemon on the stain. Wash immediately.
5. Coffee or wine stains from white fabric. Spray lemon juice on stain and hang item in sunlight.
6. Cutting board stains Dip half lemon in salt and scrub board. For an extra hit of germ removal leave the scrub on the board for a while then wash off.
7. Ink Stains Blot out as much of the ink as you can. Drench the stain with lemon juice and sprinkle with salt. Rub the salt in the stain with your fingers or old toothbrush and immediately wash the garment.
8. Counter top stains Drench stain in lemon juice and scrub with salt. Only use lemon on marble if absolutely necessary because acid can damage marble.
9. Stainless steel appliances
Apply paste of lemon and salt or lemon and baking soda. Let paste sit for 5 minutes then wash and rinse.
10. Arm pit stains
Prepare equal part lemon and water. Use this to scrub the stain
You can see how easy, inexpensive and quickly you can implement go green procedures. These ideas are safer around the home, safer for your health and safer for the planet.

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