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Going Paperless with Your Vagina - The Diva Cup Review

Just a heads up that this post may get a little gross. I mean... We are talking about menstrual cups, so draw your own conclusions on where we are going. But if you're a mom like me, you've been exposed to your share of ick. So here goes!

I've been annoyed my whole life that every month I have to shell out money for tampons. Not to mention I am not the best planner and somehow always forget to pack tampons in my bag during that time of the month. This has lead to me shelling out more money when I inevitably end up with some ruined panties.  Not to mention it can't be good for the environment to keep sending trash cans full of paper and tampons out to the landfill every month.

So I decided this was the month to make the switch to a menstrual cup. The brand I had heard the most about was the Diva Cup, so that's what I went with.

Before I get too deep into my personal experience, let me outline the benefits of the Diva Cup. 

1. You only need one! Just make one purchase and it will last you a very very long time.  So it is a big money saver. 

2. You can leave it in for up to 12 hours. So no stressing about making sure you have your purse stocked up before leaving the house.  

3. No leaks. If inserted properly, it creates a seal, and nothing is escaping it! 

The biggest reason I hadn't switched before was because I looked at them and thought, "that just doesn't look comfortable." I was expecting a somewhat rigid and harder plastic cup. Then I also found out that there are actually two versions. One for woman who have had a baby, and one for those who haven't. So I was expecting since I had a baby that it would be bigger and bulky and cumbersome.

Here's the thing. It is just as, if not more, comfortable than a tampon! If you insert it correctly, you literally can't tell it is there. At least I couldn't. 

Now there's the biggest issue. Getting it in. That's probably most women's stumbling block in making the switch.

This was actually way easier than I expected to. Yes, there is a learning curve, but I felt like a pro by day three. Yes you're going to get up close and personal with yourself, but you very quickly get used to that. When Aunt Flo finally left for the month I could remove the cup, clean it, and reinsert in about the time it takes to remove a tampon, unwrap and insert a new one. 

Plus, I had NO... let me say that again... NO leaks the entire week. That is a first.

This product is a game changer for you vagina! Seriously ladies, I can't say enough awesome things about this 

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