Gokidly - A truly Fitness Lifestyle bike/stroller for Moms

If we were to ask you to imagine a product that would allow you to spend time with your child, be active, and travel with them in a way that was comfortable, fun and safe, would you be able to come up with something? Maybe you did, but was it practical, affordable, environmentally friendly, and would you be able to use it with newborns, six-moth-olds, or six-year-olds the product growing and adjusting along with your child? Maybe you didn’t come up with anything at all, and that’s fine too.


Either way, there’s no need to keep racking your brains, because we already did it for you, and what we came up with, was Gokidly.


Gokidly is a multifunctional vehicle designed for families on the go. A baby stroller and cargo bike rolled into one, it is fully customizable depending on your child’s age, and your day to day needs. Going into a train, or restaurant? Quickly toggle between modes in 20 seconds to integrate the bike into the stroller. Going shopping? There’s a compartment for your groceries, so no need to struggle with bags and a stroller. Going into your car? Gokidly easily fits into your trunk. Going for a ride in the park? That’s what Gokidly was made for; spending active, quality time with your kids. There are no spare parts to get lost, left behind, or stolen. It all goes where you go.


Safety was the top priority when designing this product, and for obvious reasons. With three wheels for stability, you don’t need to know how to ride a bicycle in order to use Gokidly. It meets the strictest bicycle and stroller safety standards for the US, Europe and Australia, and also employs the use of an internal gear hub and fully enclosed chain guard, allowing you to focus entirely on your child.


Being a parent is a full time job, but sometimes that can mean taking on a more sedentary lifestyle. With Gokidly, there’s no excuse not to get out and get active. Riding improves cardio-­‐‑vascular fitness, burns calories, reduces the stress of parenthood, and helps you stay healthy enough to keep up with your little one for years to come.


Presently, we are trying to raise $110,000 of startup capital in order to fund the mass production of enough Gokidlys to step into the market. This would also cover the costs of hosting and maintaining a website, as well as marketing and advertising. We believe that our product has the capacity to improve the lives of parents and children everywhere, and we need your help to show this.


To those who donate, we thank you for your generosity. Every dollar counts, and we ask that you check out our reward tiers for those who wish to support us at various levels. To those who cannot donate at this time, we ask that you like or share this campaign, or send it on to someone you think might be interested in helping us to reach our goal.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.  

Get out, get active, and get to spending quality time with your kids. 

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