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Gone Too Long Without Child Support? It's Never Too Late To Get What's Yours

The Vice President of family & economic security of the National Women's Law Center, Joan Entmacher, revealed a startling statistic about child support. For low-income mothers, these payments represent 45% of their income. Their absence creates a gaping hole in their budget. The average adult would find it difficult to make ends meet when half of their income goes missing. When there’s a child’s welfare thrown into the mix, these grim finances put whole families at risk. Unfortunately, the state court system isn’t always successful in enforcing support payments. In 2012, over $100 billion went unpaid in the United States, leaving many single mothers wondering how they can raise their children.

Entmacher, unsurprisingly, goes onto say that 41% of single mothers live under the poverty line because of unpaid child support. That limits the services they can provide their children, opting to forgo things like health care and school supplies in favour of food and shelter. They have to if they expect to provide a roof over their head and food in their bellies. This is no way to raise a child, yet the court system doesn’t always help these disadvantaged mothers. When the government fails to help these women, a private child support collection agency is a practical alternative for low-income families.

Unlike their public counterparts, private enforcement services have more resources at their disposal. With more time, money, and staff members available, they can give each case the unique focus it requires. They have government operation specialists who can navigate legal court orders; investigative specialists who can locate missing non-custodial parents; and enforcement professionals who can negotiate the terms of payment so single mothers get the money they deserve.

Like any other business, these agencies require payment for their services. If an agency asks for these fees right away, their process puts single mothers at a disadvantage. That’s why it’s important to find an enforcement service, such as Support Collectors, that doesn’t demand payment up front. There are agencies that understand the dire circumstances surrounding missing payments, and they will only ever ask for payment upon successfully negotiating child support.

If you find yourself in this position, get the help that you need. Find a reputable child support collection agency that can track down payments without charging you up front. Once you’re connected with the money you’ve been owed for years, you’ll finally be able to care for your children the way you’ve always wanted.

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