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Doesn't the author have something better to do than take pictures of his trash can?

This past Sunday, I came home from a quick trip to the Teet (Harris Teeter, we heard a college girl call it the Teet and it stuck) to find Laura face down with Turner holding a bag of frozen corn on her back.  After laughing for a minute, I realized she was pretty bad off and not playing some weird game with Turner.


Evidently, she somehow threw out her shoulder.  Luckily, it was still in place and not out of socket, but she severely pulled a muscle and / or pinched a nerve in the process. After loading her up with Alleve and Advil, I got her on the guest bed and she decided to watch a movie with the boys.  Brave or foolish.  Not sure.


Then the power goes out.  We had off and on storms for a few days and now we have no power, and thus no movies for the boys during the rain, and a mommy who's incapacitated.  So, I take the boys to Cars 2 to give her some rest.


Come home, she's still in pain, but the rain has let up and the power's back on and so is our friends 4th of July party and I take the boys.  Four hours later, I come home, she's feeling a bit better, says something about the trash and I tell her it can wait a week.


I wake up and a magic fairy has pushed the trash down the driveway to the curb, bad shoulder and all.


It was at this point I remembered a scene from Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams tells Matt Damon that its the idiosyncrasies that we really love about those that are close to us.  While a bit mad that she would risk further pain to her shoulder and a bit of rolling my eyes that she's out there at 10 o'clock doing this, I shrug it off and think somehow that's part of why I love her.


Flash forward to today. It rained yesterday and I didn't have a chance to cut the grass today before we leave town for a week. Thinking practically, its going to grow a lot while we are gone and I will have to cut it first thing when we get back, so it can wait.  I explain this logic to Laura (who has a million things to pack before we go cross country with the boys) and she says fine.  I go to the bathroom, come back, look for her, et voila:

No way the lawn isn't cut before we go....

Gotta love my wife.

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