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Guide to Small Business Marketing: How to Market Your Business In 2021

No matter the size of your business, investing in marketing has become indispensable in 2021. Truth be told, this has always been crucial, even the most traditional forms of marketing, from print to TV or radio. Nowadays, with the emergence of the internet, the internet of things, and social media platforms, digital marketing has become a necessity for businesses. Otherwise, they are not relevant to today's consumers who spend a lot of time on their smartphones or other devices. 

For this reason, even if you have a small business, or perhaps more so if your business is not a large corporation, marketing is essential. Indeed, the implementation of marketing strategies is not an inexpensive business endeavor. However, what entrepreneurs must know is the fact that ROI is guaranteed when marketing strategies are implemented, although it may take a while until results can be seen. For this reason, patience and commitment are necessary.

Therefore, if you have a small business, marketing should be a top priority regardless of the industry in which you operate your business. If you don't know where to being, here are five ideas to market your business in 2021:

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become an emerging and successful method of promoting your business' product or service. Influencers are bloggers who have taken advantage of the rise of social media to expand their creativity and skills. Therefore, what started as reaching consumers through text and honest reviews has become content creation that employs a combination of text and visuals. The fundamentals remain – consumers find influencers reliable sources of information as they can relate to them better than to a brand.

Therefore, influencer marketing is effective in forming a stronger relationship with your target audience as a brand. Depending on what your business does, it is crucial you look for an influencer who matches your brand identity and believes in it. Otherwise, this marketing strategy is not as effective, given it relies on the fact that consumers follow influencers who are professional and reliable.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Influencer marketing can be quite costly, depending on your product and how high-profile you want the influencer to be. But one of the most crucial forms of marketing is through social media. It is indispensable your online presence is accurately curated and created to convey the brand identity precisely. It is estimated that the number of social media users will reach 4.41 billion by 2025 worldwide, an increase from last year’s number of 3.6 billion. 

Given the large number of people using social media platforms around the work, chances are the majority of your target audience is on social media. So, it is vital you leverage the existence of these platforms and use this opportunity to increase the follower base. The crucial rule of social media, especially as an official brand, is to remain consistent and stick to the brand's image. Once your audience is attracted to the content you post and your product is promising, you can hire an influencer to grow your business further. 

  1. Experiential Marketing

Another effective method of attracting new customers and raising awareness of your brand is through events or a physical space where people can see and experience the product. If you have a store, this is one way of providing this to your customers. However, you might have an online business or an e-commerce store. In this case, you may want to consider opening a pop-up store, which is a temporary experiential and engaging opportunity given to your customers. This way, newcomers will remember your brand, while you will be able to retain your loyal customers.

In this type of marketing, presentation is everything. Much as is the case with social media, where you need to be consistent and create relevant content, you need to provide a space where your brand can be easily recognizable. The smallest details count, from pop up stands with the brand's logo to “Instagrammable” corners and an overall incredible experience of seeing the product. You shouldn't shy away from technology. Introducing a brand presentation or the launch of your product through VR or AR shows the audience and possible partners you are a forward-thinking brand.

  1. Video content

Video marketing is more and more on the rise. With people being flooded with information from various sources like social media or TV, they aren’t as patient. For this reason, your brand should focus on developing in-house video content. Whether it is how you present your product or develop an informative video series, marketing through video content is becoming more and more relevant. 

It may be a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, where the video was the sole solution of conducting business. Still, the truth is that 94% of video marketers confirm that videos help viewers and users better understand how a service works or how a product looks. So, whether you create videos in-house or hire an influencer who creates high-quality video content, this marketing technique can help your brand retain customers and attract new ones.

  1. SEO and Content Marketing

Having a website has almost become a requirement for consumers to deem a business relevant. Nowadays, consumers expect to find any service by searching relevant keywords online. Most of their online shopping takes place online too. For this reason, not only is it crucial you have a website, but you should consider having an SEO-friendly website.

This means that the content on your website, especially if you have a blog area, should be optimized for search engines. Such a strategy can be highly effective in growing traffic organically. So, to do this, keyword research is crucial before creating the website's content. Based on the result, you can incorporate those relevant keywords in all of the website's pages.

Final words

A noteworthy mention would be that your business will likely need to employ more than one type of marketing technique. A combination of some is a more definite recipe of success, given that in 2021 businesses have social media presence, a website, but also realize the importance of having a physical space, if not a permanent one, at least temporary like a pop-up store. 

Therefore, when you brainstorm your marketing strategy, it is crucial to consider that more than one method will be necessary. This being said, don't forget how important it is to remain consistent across all platforms and strategies of advertising.

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