Halloween- Trick-or-Treat One Friend Over Another.

Hi Mommies!

Halloween is about two days away!!  Do we have our costumes?  My 4.5 year old daughter is going as Snow White and she is excited.  Katelyen; Kate( when I try to bribe her) doesn't really get the Halloween scary aspects yet and she slightly fears the ghouls and goblins, ghost and scary pumpkin faces.  At this point dressing up as one of the Princesses and going Trick-or-Treating with friends is exciting and a ton of fun.  Honestly, I want her to remain innocent until she is 18!!  However, I have a decision to make between two friends.

The Situation

One amazing friend has( Mrs. J)  would like to take her only daughter (Ken) trick-or-treating with, mom dad, grandpa- Cool

My other amazing friend has invited Kate and I to trick-or-treat with Katelyn's friends from school and afterwards to crash at her house for pizza and treats-FUUNN!!!

The Dilemma

Ken doesn't have any other friends to make her with her rounds with and will be going with adults. Mrs. J definitely doesn't want to go alone.

If Katelyn goes with her other set of friends, she will have an amazing experience.

My Wonderful Solution

I texted my friend hosting our mommy community for the Halloween extravaganza and asked if I can invite someone else and the hostess was thrilled to have one more person.  Now I presented this solution to Mrs.  J and she declined. WHAT???  She doesn't want to come with her entourage to a complete stranger's house.  Fair enough.

But now what do I do?



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