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Creative Ways to Spend Time with Your Children

In this day and age, where children and their parents tend to be quite disconnected from each other, either because the parents work long hours or the children spend more and more time online and using social media, making time to spend with your children is becoming very important. Planning quality time and activities…

Holiday Gift Ideas: JLab Headphones: #1 True Wireless Headphones under $100

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If you're like me you cannot live without headphones. I use them practically all day long. It's part habit, part practicality, and part comfort. Headphones help me concentrate on whatever it is I'm doing without hearing everything else that is going on. Even though it is best to know what is going on…


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Handpicked Beautiful Hebrew Baby Girls Names

 9+ million people in this world speak Hebrew. Hebrew word comes from “Ivri” which means Israelites i.e. Jewish and Samaritan. Hebrew language is one of ancient languages. If you see the baby names today, they are originally derived from the ancient languages like Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Hebrew etc. Here are some selective names for Baby girls from treasure trove of Hebrew Language and Culture.

Selected Hebrew Baby Girls names with Meanings

Ada: Ornament

Adi: Jewel, Ornament

Adira: Noble, Powerful, Strong

Adva: Small Wave, Ripple

Ahava: Beloved, Water

Akiha: Protected

Akiva: To Take by the Heal, Supplanter

Aleeza: Joy

Alvina: Noble and a wise friend

Amira: Proclaimed, Treetop

Anah: Answer, Singer

Anika: Grace

Annalisa :Devoted to God

Anora: Grace

Anyuta: Grace

Ashira: Wealthy

Asya: Grace

Atera: Pray

Avera: Transgresses

Avra: Father of a Multitude, Exalted Father

Chasya: Shelter

Dareen: Wise

Dalya: Slender Branch

Derora: Free

Edna: Rejuvenated

Elora: God is Light

Helsa: Devoted to God

Idriya: Duck

Jaira: God Enlightens

Jerusha: Possession

Liora: Light

Mahala: Tender

Malina: From the High Tower

Nasya: Miracle

Nira: Plow

Ora: The Lord is my Light

Pazia: Golden

Reveka: Captivating

Ruth: Friendship

Shahar: Dawn

Talora: Morning's Dew

Thirza: Delightful, Favorable

Uza: Power, Strength

Varda: Rose

Yuta: Praise

Zera: Seed

Ziva: Splendor

Check Rare Sanskrit Baby Girls Names

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