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The boys and I were watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special the other night. This is one of my FAVORITES! I don't know what triggered this observation but I began to notice that all of the little boys have what seems to be premature balding. Now I realize they have roughly been 6 or 7 for the past 60 years and maybe the bitter and ruthless cartoon circuit has been harsh on them thus not producing enough hair follicles. Stress will do that you know. 
The only one who has luscious blond locks is Schroeder, what the heck? 
Schroeder Piano.jpg
What shampoo does this kid use? Maybe a closet Sephora shopper. 
All the boys have thin lines and squiggles for hair. Talk about getting the short end of the comic strip stick. Then you wonder why Charlie Brown needs meds. I mean someone get that kid some Abilify STAT!
Franklin.gif CharlieBrown.jpg 
And then there's Pig Pen!
Seriously, my OCD goes into overdrive! Get this kid a bath ASAP! Makes me itch! Are those fleas jumping around? Cooties? I don't know but I need to go wash my hands now;-)
Logan: Mom, you're ruining this for me.
Yes, leave it up to me to turn a child's Christmas classic into a neurotic mixture of delayed follicle growth and poor hygiene practices. I'm all about spreading Christmas Cheer in my own merry manic way.

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