Happy Valentines Day to all of you out there. Marriage and relationships in general take a lot of work to keep them going strong. Starting up a business takes a lot of work and dedication as well. Running a business well combined with also maintaining the relationships in your life is even more work, which leads me to an article I ran across this morning that reported that one third of all family businesses are run by a husband and wife team. Talk about stress in a marriage. I think running a business with any partner would be a challenge because you are never going to both agree on everything 100% of the time. So is running a business with a spouse easier or harder? I guess you could say that if you happen to be one of those couples who agrees on everything, finishing each other’s sentences and so on and then it is probably a business partnership made in heaven. If instead you already have a lot of stress in the relationship I can’t imagine piling a business on top of that is going to be easy.
Co-preneur is a term used to describe a husband a wife team who are in business together. Would your relationship make it through a partnership of this type or would doing business together push it over the edge? Check out this article on The Wall Street Journal where they give real life examples of couples who have entered the dangerous waters of co-preneurship and lived to tell about it.

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