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5 Key Steps To Planning The Perfect Family Vacation

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There’s nothing better for making lasting family memories than enjoying an exciting and adventurous…

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Hard-Working Moms: Escape to Canada for a Short Vacation

‘Selfless’ and ‘devoted’ are just mere adjectives that classify a woman into a hard-working mother. We all know, it’s easier said than done. From laundry to dishwashing, grocery to house cleaning, and hundreds of other chores, mothers are generally expected to be an all-rounder.

Life patterns have massively changed – time management has become the biggest challenge. Whether it's a working mother or a stay at home mom, they have to deal with time constraints and getting things done, until they actually call it a day.

Sometimes mothers need to sit back and relax. Of all the hard work and tiresome activities they perform, they deserve time for themselves as well.

Whereas, motherhood is a 24/7 job. How can we not agree that mothers also require a getaway alone, away from her unpaid work towards her family? While this thought even encroaches a woman’s mind, the worries and anxiety of leaving the house and family behind without their own supervision bring horror to their overprotective and cleanliness-oriented mind.

After all, they work hard to maintain the house. Nonetheless, this does not mean that she doesn't deserve a child-free vacation once a year, regardless of her employment status. It would be wonderful if she is able to go on an escapade without a controversy.

What to Consider Before Leaving

According to Working Mother Magazine, 75% working moms, call work at least twice every day while they’re on vacation. They should look up travel technology options before going on their trip. They need to research cell phone usage abroad depending on which country they visit. Naturally, it’s important for moms to find the right vacation destination that gives them the tools to stay connected without taking away from too much vacation time.

Make sure you pack all the necessary items you need for your trip. Wear stylish clothes and feel good in them! Remember this time is just for you!

Mothers may not get enough time to, plan their trip, but they must plan the necessities. Yes, this means to choose the right hotel to stay in. Searching for one when you land is a waste of time.

Escape to Canada

There are loads of vacation spots, around the world. I would like to discuss just the escape to Canada for a lone vacation of a dedicated mom.

If you have older children, perhaps you don't need to worry. Although with younger children, one needs to have a good partner and support to take care of the child.

Canada is a beautiful country with scenic nature’s bounties, refreshing for an individual's mind and soul.

Now that once it’s a decision about the lone vacation, the places/destinations will vary according to every individual’s preference and personality. Before we explore places to visit in Canada, it is important to get the travel insurance, IEC Insurance, for a safer journey and support in case of any injury or health issues.

Check out these Canadian fun spots discussed below, they are perfect for hard-working mothers, trying to avail their short vacation.

Lady of Luxury — A Spa Resort Retreat:

How could we not include a destination with a spa retreat, especially for those who adore luxury and style? A spa resort is the best weekend getaway for a mother who loves to pamper herself. Not only does it relieve stress but it also has some really positive vibes, leaving one rejuvenated. 

Research the best resorts with spas in a specific area of your interest and find a place which you feel is comfortable. The luxurious spa in Vancouver (Sunshine coast) offers active body treatment which has a body scrub, steam and a massage which surely helps recover from any fitness activity.

Enjoy all these luxurious spa offers in a lounge where you can catch a glimpse of the ocean before you curl off on a relaxation. This will make you feel replenished in just a short trip.

The Urban Mom — An Escape to a City

The city is perfect for those moms who love shopping but don’t get the time to shop peacefully. There are many other activities to engage with such as operas, theatre shows, etc.

It would be wise to book a hotel in the city, with easy access to public underground and bus transportation system. Staying in the middle of the city also provides easy access to shopping malls and places of entertainment by foot.

Beach Lover Mom – A Soulful Stroll:

There is nothing more relaxing than a stroll at the beach. Canadian beaches, due to the cold weather, might not offer much, but other activities like whale watching, kayaking, surfing and scenic relaxation, would definitely be a treat for a beach lover and adventurous mom. 

Canada has some great beaches to offer, like Long Beach, Wasaga beach and many others.

The Daring Mom - An Outdoor Enthusiast:

If you are an adventurous mother, you definitely need to explore outdoors. Being an outdoor enthusiast, there are multiple options around Canada to have a vacation worthwhile.

Camping, trekking, and hiking are one of a kind. There are many hiking trails around the country of Canada. The options are plenty, from rustic cabins, chalets, camping Huts, and many others.

Forest walk or a mountain trail will definitely bring a happy mom back home. Mount Seymour further away from Vancouver is a treat for all the hikers. Likewise, Stawamus Chief and Joffre lakes trail, with three glacial lakes is something where you can be as close to nature as one can be.

Mothers deserve a break from their children once in a while to relax. It gets frustrating managing everything around the house and watching kids 24/7. Yes, mothers may get excited about getting a break, but they always miss their kids the minute they leave them. Getting no time to yourself, due to running errands all day, can be frustrating and everyone deserves a break.

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