Cutie Pie just finished a week of what we called "Dino Camp" at our local Museum and Science Center. It was actually called Prehistoric Perils, but that wasn't as fun to say! He had a great time. I actually thought it was a mom-and-me-type class and was so incredibly excited to share this experience with him, and practically cried when they told me it was just for the kiddos. (Nana got to go with him to "Space Camp" last summer while I stayed home with Sweet Pea while he was still nursing and I was very jealous!) Anyway, he learned so much about dinosaurs it isn't funny!

All last week and this past weekend we've been learning from Cutie Pie what he's learned. We've learned about dinosaurs we haven't even heard of before. We learned dino facts about dinos we thought we knew about. And we have discovered how much he truly enjoyed this experience at dino camp without Mom! So today when we went to the library I was very excited to find a book called Dinomania, Things to do with Dinosaurs! Just thumbing through it I knew it was the book to get for some great activities to follow dino camp!

Dinomania, Things to do with Dinosaurs is filled with ideas like making your own dinosaur eggs, a Pterosaur mobile, and (my favorite and can't wait to try with him) making dino dung with chocolate and granola and eating it like a dung beetle! The ideas in this book are great!

One idea he's been doing for quite a long time and was actually one of the reasons I signed him up for "Dino Camp". Cutie Pie calls it "Hatch Me!" He takes every pillow he can find (in the book they use 2 decorated cardboard boxes) and covers himself with them from head to toe, needing help, of course. Then he yells "Hatch me!" and it is our job as the Mommy or Daddy dinosaur to sit on him (gently, so as not to squish the baby in the 'egg' - we really just press lightly with our hands) and he hatches, or breaks through the eggshell. When he first did this we talked about what animals hatch from eggs and a little bit about how fragile the animal is when it hatches and whatnot. Of course, he listened politely, but then went right back to wanting to be 'hatched'. Last night we had twins hatching from the eggs as Sweet Pea wanted in on the 'hatching' action!

I'm so thankful for the resources we have here in the Rochester, NY area! What would his life be like without these experiences and the activities his little imagination comes up with as a result!

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