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Have Urinary Incontinence? Elitone Is Here to Help + Coupon Code



Q: What is ELITONE? 

A: ELITONE is a new FDA-cleared medical device that treats stress incontinence in women by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. It is a non-vaginal, discreet wearable technology meant to be used at home. 

Q: Why use ELITONE?

A: There are many reasons a woman would use ELITONE, some key factors include: 

  • Ease of use, convenience
  • Improving a woman’s quality of life
  • Ongoing urinary stress incontinence in one’s day-to-day life: when exercising, coughing, sneezing, etc. 


Q: How do I use ELITONE?

A: Here is how the low intensity therapy device works at your convenience in the privacy of your home:

  • A GelPad is placed on your perineal (pubic) area, connected to a small controller.
  • Treatment starts by pressing a button on the controller a number of times to increase intensity, and you will feel your pelvic floor muscles tighten.  The contractions cycle through 6 seconds on then 6 seconds of rest.
  • The treatment lasts for 20-minutes (during this time, you can walk around).
  • The controller then turns off automatically.
  • The mobile app will be available in the next few months to track usage, leaks and get encouragement. 


Q: How will using ELITONE affect me?

A: Simply, here are some benefits of using ELITONE: 

  • It strengthens and retrains the pelvic floor muscles 
  • It calms overactive bladders 
  • It reduces the need for pelvic floor surgery  

Q: Do I need a prescription?

A: No, ELITONE is FDA-cleared for use without a prescription.


Q: What does ELITONE therapy feel like? Is it similar to Kegel exercises?

A: Women report a tingling sensation and internally you should feel tightening and possibly a raising of the pelvic floor muscles. The timing is six seconds of “hold” followed by six seconds of “rest.”  This repeats 100x for a complete treatment in 20-minutes. Your skin may feel slightly numb on the treatment’s onset. ELITONE is designed specifically to send signals through skin with a comfortable signal structure. Some women report similarities to Kegel exercises, but not all. ELITONE does the Kegels longer and stronger than you can on your own and also focuses on the muscles surrounding the urethra, instead of the entire pelvic floor structure.


Q: How long do the effects of ELITONE last?

A: Effects from ELITONE varies by individual. Most women see a continued reduction in leaks after the initial therapy, but we recommend periodic follow-up treatment sessions.  For some women, this “maintenance” may be 3-4 sessions after a few months; for others, this may be a weekly session. After using ELITONE, some women may have a better understanding of how to activate the correct pelvic floor muscles and as a result, Kegel exercises become an effective maintenance option.


Q: Do I need to shave?

A: The gel used in the GelPad is designed to go over hair and not pull upon removal. However, there does need to be skin contact. About half the women in a recent clinical study said they shaved or trimmed hair for better results.


Q: If I use ELITONE more will I get faster results?

A: Possibly, but not necessarily.  Your pelvic floor muscles need to recover after a “workout”, and just as with regular exercise, it’s possible to fatigue the muscles. The biggest controllable reason we saw with the speed of improvement is how high of an intensity one chooses to treat at and staying consistent with the treatment schedule.  


Q: Is ELITONE affordable or covered by insurance?

A: There are multiple payment options on the ELITONE website. Some insurance providers cover the cost of ELITONE. Check with your insurance company for coverage of "Non-implanted Pelvic floor Electrical Stimulator" HCPCS/DME code E0740. Insurance providers may require a prescription from your doctor along with evidence that you’ve tried Kegel exercises first for at least 4 weeks. ELITONE cannot bill your insurer.

Q: Can men use ELITONE?  

A: No, ELITONE is designed to fit the female anatomy. 



  • 1 in 3 women suffer from stress urinary incontinence
  • 25 million women in the US alone have this condition
  • Urinary incontinence is a widely prevalent condition that has far-reaching physical, social, and economic implications, with annual costs to the US healthcare system approaching $25 billion.  
  • There are no medications that address stress urinary incontinence
  • Muscle is never in static so if you don’t actively contract the pelvic floor muscles, symptoms can get worse
  • Surgery for stress urinary incontinence is a painful last resort 
  • According to the 2019 Global Market Insights Inc. report, global shares for the stress incontinence market in 2018 were 9.5 billion, set to rise to 15 billion by 2025  
  • Intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) presents psychological barriers, leading two thirds of affected women to quietly suffer without effective treatment. And clinical studies demonstrate that surface electrodes around the perineal region are just as effective as EMS.

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