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Have you considered a wedding, honeymoon or vacation in Belize like Reese Whitherspoon?

Reese Whitherspoon honeymoons in Belize

Photo by

I don't normally write about celebrity weddings, however when Reese Whitherspoon and her husband Jim Toth were spotted in Belize, I was curious to find out if they had stayed on Ambergris Caye, the popular tourist island where my family and I lived for one year.
Reese Whitherspoon, Jim Toth and Reese's two kids aged 7 and 11, were dressed in casual clothes and according to an eyewitness quoted in UsMagazine, "They didn't ask for any VIP treatment, walked off the plane like regular tourists, waited in the immigration line and waited to get their bags from the baggage carousel."

I visualized them getting off the plane, remembering the uneven steps on the metal staircase on wheels which two Belizean guys would push towards the front door of the plane. Did her kids trip on the first step down? I was familiar with that step; it was much lower (or higher) than all the others, and even with my long legs, I found it to be a challenge. What did they say about the weather? "Wow, it's really hot and humid here." Did Reese feel like a microwaved, hot towel had slapped her in the face? Did they remember to fill out the two forms for immigration? Were the officers smiling? Did they say, "Welcome to Belize? Are you staying more than 30 days?"and then proceed to stamp their passports as though competing for the "loudest stamp award."

After collecting their suitcases, did they go through customs, turn left through a door where the local puddle jumpers wait to transport locals and tourists to Corozal, Placencia, San Pedro, and other places? Did they fly on Tropic Air or Maya Air? Was Jet there advertising his bar? Jet, the short, friendly guy with a shrill voice announcing drinks at Jet's bar inside the small terminal. Did Reese and her family sit on the hard plastic chairs waiting for their puddle jumper like we'd done so many times before? How did they feel when they walked onto the tarmac to board a small Cessna with about 13 seats on board? Where her kids scared like mine were the first time they sat in this propeller plane?

 All five gorgeous photos are taken by Olivera Rusu Photography

Known for its eco-tourism, Mayan ruin sites scattered on the mainland, fantastic scuba diving, the world famous blue-hole, and much more, Belize has become a popular destination for weddings and honeymooners.  

Now, you can even have your wedding on the Mayan ruins! Olivera Rusu, a friend who lives in Belize and is a professional photographer, offers beautiful photos of weddings on the island, or on the Mayan ruins, something I had never seen before.

More information on Belize FYI

Where they vacationed is a secret. Belize is a small country the size of Massachusetts, located on the Caribbean coast of Central America. It is south of Mexico and is flanked by Guatemala to the south and west. This bio-diverse country, is rich in wildlife, tropical rainforests, has over 550 species of birds, compared to 700 in the whole of North America. So much beauty in such a small country.

So if you want a special vacation, or a unique wedding or honeymoon, please get in touch with Olivera Rusu for your photography. She's fantastic, as you can see from her photos here and on her Mayan ruins weddings website.

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