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have you ever found yourself lost on your career path?

honestly, i'm at this point where i don't know what i want to be when i grow up.

silly for a 36 year old woman, isn't it?

being an entrepreneur opens you open to so many possibilities.

and choosing to work with mom bloggers as your main clients, your niche, opens you up to even more possibilities.


it's rewarding.

at the end of the day, I feel like I've really done something grand.

I've helped a fellow mom.

confusing you?

here's a tiny bit of back story.

I worked in corporate for 12 years as a color specialist in the imaging/advertising industry.

i've always loved anything visually stimulating. color in harmony really made my heart sing.

I'm not an artist, but i can design a wicked advertising piece.

Then i got pregnant again. With my teens entering puberty and a baby on the way at 32yo, i realized i wanted to start something of my own from home.

now...4 years later...

i work from home. (have a 16 yo, 14 yo, 4 yo and almost 3yo)

I'm a website designer

a search engine marketer

I've worked for small businesses and internet marketers.

heck, I was an internet marketer myself for a year.

i'm a blogger.

and the best time I've ever had is blogging and designing blogs for mom bloggers or fixing their seo disasters or just moving their blogs. mom bloggers understand dysfunctional schedules. they get why i work after bedtime and prefer email over phone calls.

as I worked more with mom bloggers and less with internet marketers, i got pretty worked up because i realized mom bloggers could make the kinda money these internet marketers are making. they just needed to understand search engine marketing. I kept planning to write an ebook. But, it never happened. Just because I couldn't pack everything I wanted to into an ebook.

so i decided to start offering an ecourse and i've got to tell you, I am having a blast!

i'm loving it so much i turned down two design gigs this week.


turning down money?



i have no stinking clue.

all i know is that right now, what's foremost on my mind, besides the fact that's it my turn to scrub the bloody tub tonight, is the question "what else can i teach these ladies?"

and really nothing makes me feel more alive and rewarded than when i'm training people. i did it for 5 years when i was in corporate. trained my colleagues, clients and visiting classes from school of visual arts in the techy aspects of our industry that they needed to know.

it's been maybe 3 years since i've trained anyone.

it feels marvelous.

but, i love design.

i am such a flake.

have you ever found yourself lost on your career path?

please share how you worked through it.

i'd appreciate it.

i'd also appreciate it if you told me i wasn't a flake.



photo credit: © Scott Griessel – Fotolia.com

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Comment by Brittanie Pyper on September 17, 2012 at 11:59pm

Wow! I loved this post! I am 22 years old and although I am young, I have found myself in the same dilemma. I started out working on my pre-requisites for Nursing when I graduated from high school. When I was 19 My husband and I got pregnant and that is where everything changed. I took time off when my son was born (had pregnancy complications) and when back but now 2 years later I am deciding it may not be the field I want to be in anymore. I honestly feel lost and don't know what I want anymore. I see others my age accomplishing the very thing I wanted to do my entire life, but I guess things change when you get older and especially change when you have a family. I sometimes feel like I let myself down but then I remember I have to do what makes me happy. I love blogging and I love working from home because it means more time with my family. You seem to have a lot of knowledge and experience and that is wonderful. That is more than a lot of people can say. I am sure your heart will tell you what you need to know. By the way you are not a flake! I think it is only normal to want one thing one minute and another the next, it's life. I admire what you do for mom bloggers and I wish there was more women out there that do what you do! It's different when it's coming from a Woman to another Woman. I know I could sure use someone like you to show me the ropes! :)

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