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How healthy is apple cider vinegar? You might be surprised by how many Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar the sour beverage can provide including the following ones:                                                                                                                                                                             

  1. Lower Cholesterol

Scientists are still researching the benefit of ACV in terms of lower cholesterol. However, a 2006 study discovered that the acid in vinegar was effective in lowering “bad” cholesterol found in rats. Another study discovered that ½ ounce of ACV per day reduced cholesterol in the participants. Its likely future studies that show that twice-fermented apple cider can indeed be effective in lowering cholesterol levels. 

  1. Dandruff Treatment

ACV not only helps the body but also the skin. The acidity of the natural beverage helps to change your scalp’s pH level, which makes it tougher for yeast to form. Use a spray bottle to mix ¼ cup of ACV with ¼ cup water. Then spray it onto your scalp. Use a towel to wrap your head then let the mixture set for 15-60 minutes. Finally, shampoo your hair as you’re normally would. Follow this procedure 2x per week in order to get the best results.  

  1. Stuffy Nose

When you have a stuffy nose due to a cold you can use CV to treat it. The potassium contained in the beverage helps to thin out mucus. Meanwhile, the beverage also contains acetic acid that can help to prevent bacteria growth, which itself can result in nasal congestion. Mix 1 teaspoon ACV in a cup of water then drink it to help drain the sinuses. 

  1. Sore Throat

When you start feeling a sore throat try adding some ACV to kill the germs before they start spreading. Studies show that most germs are unable to survive the environment created by vinegar due to the high acidity. All you have to do is blend ¼ cup ACV with ¼ water (warm) then gargle the mixture every hour.  

  1. Indigestion

Not only can ACV help to treat digestion problems but can also help to prevent them. If you’re going to eat foods that typically cause you indigestion try adding 1 teaspoon ACV and 1 teaspoon honey in a glass of water (warm). Then drink the mixture half an hour before you start eating. This is a very effective beverage for helping to prevent digestive problems. 

  1. Weight Loss

How does it work? The ACV contains acetic acid, which helps to boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and lower water retention. The scientific world also has a theory that ACV blocks the digestion of starch. That could help to reduce the number of calories that get into your bloodstream. 

  1. Clears Acne

If you’re looking for a natural skin tonner that clears up acne then try out ACT. It can help your skin look healthier and younger. The anti-bacterial properties can help control acne while the malic/lactic acids in AV help to soften skin and remove dead skin cells. You can also balance your pH level and reduce red spots. 

Which above-mentioned Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar are the most important ones for you?



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