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Health benefits of green smoothies for kids

Considered as raw food, green smoothies have many health benefits for kids to be consumed on a daily basis. No cooking required, they are quick to prepare using blenders, nutritious and composed mainly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, nut milk and superfoods. Here are some good reasons to add a green smoothie to morning ritual for kids.

Keep in mind that blender is one of the most important equipment for making green smoothies. So it is very important to choose a good blender for green recipes when buying from the market. You will find many models of blender at different prices in the market. For high security we need high quality products, on the other hand cheaper and low- quality blenders are not lasting for a long time. After read this article, you can get many tips from here to choose a best blender for green smoothies.

For a more alkaline body

Green smoothies help the body become more alkaline. The acidification of the body is the result of a modern standard diet. Eating alkaline foods is necessary to counteract the negative effects of an acidifying diet.

They are easy to digest

Green smoothies are said to be predigested because the blender reduces all the ingredients into a homogeneous liquid mixture. Because of this you need a best blender for green smoothies. It helps to mix well. Green smoothies are very easily assimilated by kid’s body, giving a rest to their digestive system, constantly in work. When the body of kids spends less time digesting, it has more energy to devote to other activities.


Enzymes are functional proteins that are essential catalysts for many activities in kid’s body; in particular, kid’s digestion! Composed of living matter, green smoothies contain an incredible amount of food enzymes (which allow less draw in their supply of digestive enzymes).

To help your stomach

Green smoothies increase the levels of hydrochloric acids in the stomach, which are essential for digestion and absorption of food.

For the colon

The fiber and enzymes in the green smoothies help to move the residues and old undigested materials into the colon.

To introduce new fruits and vegetables to your children

Kids love green smoothies! Take the opportunity to taste new fruits and vegetables and add them to their diet. Eating a daily dose of vegetables for children can be easy with a good morning smoothie.

It's fast

We can save a lot of time using blender for green smoothies, if we do not have time to prepare breakfast in the morning. No way to go to work on an empty stomach! A little water, a few fruits, a handful of spinach and nuts, all mixed in your shower, and you will avoid spending a morning with energy reserves flat.

Fewer cravings

If we give our body all the nutrients it needs, especially in the morning, we will be less likely to have unhealthy food rages. If your kid likes chocolate, try adding some raw cocoa in your smoothie: healthier than a bar of chocolate and also satisfying for sweet teeth.

Your daily portion of fruits and vegetables in a few sips

You can consume the recommended portion of fruits and vegetables a day (at least 400 grams) in a few sips! Be careful, however, do not be satisfied with a smoothie a day and stop eating fruits and vegetables at other times of the day. It is a way to consume more, but it is essential to continue to consume solid foods, which require chewing and satiate more than liquids.

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