Healthy Foods You Can Eat to Bring Life Back to Your Hair

When you are struggling with your hair, it can be very disheartening and can get you down. But did you know that changing your diet can help to bring some life back into your hair? In this article, we are looking into a number of foods that can help to bring your hair into life. 


A major change to your diet that will benefit your hair is eggs - this is due to the amount of protein that is in them. A lack of protein in the hair has most commonly been associated with hair loss as one of the main causes as the hair needs biotin in order to grow. Though some forms of hair loss cannot be resolved by a few dietary changes, there are other alternatives such as hair transplants to help take hair from a donor area and restore the hairline. With a hair transplant in Turkey cost being reasonably priced, you can have the procedure that you need without breaking the bank. 

Fatty Fish 

One of the best elements to put in your diet is fatty fish; whether this is salmon, haddock or cod, this can give you the omega 3 that your hair needs in order to grow. This is key when looking to bring some life back into your hair as this gives it the nutrients that it needs to build strength and appear healthy and shiny at all times. This can be added to your diet with ease and can be used alongside other changes to better every aspect of your diet and reap the benefits.


Another key aspect to your everyday diet is the amount of meat that you eat. This is due to it being an excellent source of protein and can help to boost the strength of your hair and the overall physical appearance. Red meat is also beneficial for the hair as it is a great source of iron that can be used to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to the blood cells. This then helps nutrients and other valuable elements to be bought to the scalp and help the hair to grow. 

Soya Beans 

Another main source of nutrients for your hair is soya beans as they promote hair growth. This source is gull of spermidine as it has hair growth properties. This is key to the growth of your hair as this will bring vitamins that are needed to the scalp. By having soya milk as a dairy alternative, you can help to boost the number of vitamins in your body and help your hair to grow much longer without the use of harmful chemicals or other hair care products. 

Whether you are looking to have long flowing hair without the use of extensions, or you are looking to change up your hair care routine to bring more shine to the hair and help to maintain healthy hair all year round, so there’s options for your every need. Where will you start? 

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Comment by Sarah on June 21, 2020 at 9:27am

Yes, hair is a great problem for me after having two children. Guess it is stress. Do you think legumes or beans would help?

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