It is that time of the year again when people are vulnerable to the danger of suffering from heat strokes!

With the increasing global warming, the average temperature in summers goes up every year and a number of deaths occur each year as a result of heat strokes. Many people in Karachi and other hotter regions of Pakistan are already suffering from heat strokes. When intense, a heat stroke can prove to be fatal. Hence it is important to take all necessary precautionary measures to make sure you save yourself from the chances of getting one of these.

Just as dangerous as it is, it is completely avoidable too. Yes, you can definitely minimize your chances of suffering from one of these if you are a little cautious about it and prepare yourself properly for this weather. Of course, you cannot avoid this weather, neither can u stay inside 24/7 for three to four months of intense heat in our country. It must also be known that heat strokes can occur indoors as well. However, with a few careful steps and tips, you can potentially save yourself from it despite all its intensity.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

That is like rule no. 1. Not just in this weather, and not just to save yourself from the heat strokes, but for a number of reasons. Just know the significance and value of water and ensure a regular balanced intake of it. If you keep yourself well hydrated throughout the year, you can potentially reduce the chances of suffering a heat stroke to about 60 percent. Also, do not count your sodas or high sugar content juices as your water intake because no, that is not water. Water, in its purest and simplest form, must be preferred over all other drinks, especially in intense hot weather.

  • Protect yourself from direct sunlight

Try to avoid direct sunlight. Use as much protection as you possibly can. Wear sunglasses and hats, keep your windows tinted before the season hits and try to stay under the shades even when you have to be outside. Also, do not forget your sunscreen before going out. I repeat. DO NOT FORGET IT, AT ALL!

  • Be careful about the medication

If you are on medication for anything already, make sure you inquire about its possible side effects and its reactions to heat. Several medicines increase your chances of heat strokes or heat exhaustion if you expose yourself to direct heat after a dose.

  • Limit your strenuous activities

To avoid heat strokes, you must also limit your physical activities when you are outside. Do not jog or exercise for long hours in intense heat hours. Try to schedule these outdoor activities right after the sunrise or just before the sunset, when the sun does not shine too bright.

In spite of all the precautions, if someone still suffers from a heat stroke, one must know how to give the first aid in such situations. Pour cold water on to their head and face and soak the sheet in cold water where the person suffering a stroke lies. Put ice cubes in the armpits, neck and try to bring the body temperature down. Use fans and air conditioners and monitor the reactions of the sufferer to each step taken. Seek urgent medical assistance. Find a doctor at and book an appointment. There must not be any delays in getting the right treatment to the patient.

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