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Well we say "Hello to a new day and a new challenge" as we (or at least
I) have decided to go cold turkey on the whole breast feeding matter,
mind you, it wasn't even for the nutritional purposes anymore but more
for the comfort Aidan got of knowing mom was there...

However as it may have been comforting Aidan I can say without a shadow of doubt
that it was NOT comforting to me! OK OK it was up until a little while
ago but now that Aidan has managed to grind his caps/ fillings (or
whatever you would want to call them) off as a result of his molars
attempting to cut, he now has two of the sharpest little monsters in his
mouth, and they are intent on doing grievous bodily harm to me and my

Anyway Monday was my first official day of cold turkeyness as it had been over a full 24 hours since his last feeding,
and most of the day seemed to go pretty easy, however by the time 2/3pm
came around I was swollen and nicely engorged but it wasn't sore or
tender or anything so I pushed ahead... But that soon changed,and I was
quickly looking like I had had a breast job done as my boobs were
sitting right under my chin(well not really but you get the idea)hot
water bottle came and went as did a bag of frozen peas all I could think
of doing was going and having a warm bath and just trying to relax-
easier said than done, so bath starts running and I begin to worry about
waking Aidan as the last time I did something like this my house turned
a deeper shade of Barney, I mean purple,oh well anyway I get in and sit
there trying to relieve the pressure(they say you should try hand
express) well hand expressing was... to say the least interesting, my
bath turned white... I just had to tell myself I was soaking in "food"
and at least it wasn't pee or a certain monkeys log... needless to say
that although it was enough milk to almost have a milk and honey bath it
still wasn't enough to ease the SWELL!

I was starting to look and feel like Alice The Camel, so next thing you ask, well because of
Seacom's incompetence the only way I was able to ask Andrew( without
phoning as that would wake Aidan) was to post it onto his buzz... well
if that doesn't make this swollen camel cringe then nothing will!

Another hour till Andrew gets home... DRUM ROLL PLEASE... duh duh duh duh... a
nice BIG cabbage, yes that's right a cabbage, another "home remedy" if
you will, now this one is supposed to work with you placing cold cabbage
leaves into your bra and basically waiting till they have warmed and
wilted then do it again and it's meant to draw the milk and help with
the stopping of milk production, what they seem to have left out is the
fact that you are left smelling like an over ripe cabbage once the
leaves have started to wilt, not attractive... not even the dog wanted
to sit next to me last night(now that IS BAD!) oh and don't forget to
watch out for slugs...

It is now day 2 and I press on in search of milk(and cabbage) free breasts, when they decide to show up is
another story, I shall do this I shall persevere!

And so I leave you with a plea, everyone out there PLEASE wear green in support of
cabbage saving swollen boobies week... cos I know I will!! HAPPY CABBAGE

Alice The Camel...
...Over and Out

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