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If you are a parent struggling to get a good night sleep since the birth of your baby, then you are just among the many. Most new parents experience sleepless nights, but you can help your baby sleep all night for you to get some rest. You can reduce your stress by preparing your baby's sleep schedule through the following ways:

Develop a rhythm

If you have a newborn, he/she will probably sleep for 16 or more hours a day. Sometimes the pattern could be unpredictable at the beginning, but with time, the baby will develop a more regular sleep schedule as it matures.

By the time your baby reaches 3 to 4 months, he/she will sleep for at least five hours before waking up. Each baby is different, and at some point after their first year, he or she will begin sleeping for 10 or more hours every night.

Bring your baby to your room

Preferably, you should share your room with your baby but make him/her sleep alone in a crib, or any other baby friendly structure for at least six months to one year if possible. This dramatically reduces the sudden infant death syndrome. Never use your bed with an infant since you can roll over his/her mouth and nose when asleep, thus leading to suffocation and even death.

For a new parent, you can start your baby’s bedtime routine as early as 6 to 8 weeks old. You should combine your baby's sleep routine with the following regular bedtime activities.

  • Games - Engage your baby with active games at day time, and in the evening, quiet games. The games stop the baby from being overly excited before bedtime and also make him/her tired hence better sleep.
  • Birth - A bath is a natural sleep aid for babies, makes them calm down and enjoy it right before bedtime.
  • Environment - The nighttime conditions in your baby's bedroom should be consistent. If your baby wakes up during the middle night, ensure the sounds and lights in your room are the same as when she fell asleep.

Infant massage

An infant massage is a natural way that will help your newborn relax and sleep better. Also, the massage will improve the baby's digestion, reduce colic, and increase the bond between the mother-child, and support growth and development.

Strive for adequate daytime naps

If you are struggling during the night, try keeping your baby awake during the day. Some active babies will sleep better at night. Remember, some babies can relax during the day and at night without any issues. Ensure your newborn has a wake time at day time to correct newborn day/night confusion. Your newborn's wake time ought to be short and not 45-60 minutes. Newborns generally take sufficient naps during the day.


Remember, natural sleep aid for babies might help get your baby to sleep at night. If your baby doesn't sleep despite the natural aids, it doesn't mean you are a terrible parent. Understand your baby's habits and communication ways to help him/her become a better sleeper. You can talk to your doctor in case of a concern.

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