Help with Stomach Fat - Hormone In, Cortisol Out

Regional fat storage issues effect all of us in some form or another. While we store fat over all the body, there are certain areas that are more obvious than others, and are usually known as, "Problem areas." For some people it's the buttocks or hips, for others it's the back, and for many it is the stomach. There is a lot of information out these days to help with stomach fat, but none of them address the issue for each individual person. According the health professionals "problem areas" are influenced heavily by hormones. Hormones are different in each of us which is why we all put on weight in different areas and over different periods of time.

By the end of this article you will find this help with stomach fat will take you a long way in reaching your goals toward a less fatty stomach because you are going to learn about Cortisol and how to successfully fight one hormone with another.

The media and health and fitness professionals have been talking a lot lately about a hormone called Cortisol in relation to stomach fat. We know that the higher the Cortisol levels the more stomach fat a person is likely to have, making it their "Problem Area."

So an obvious solution was to lower Cortisol levels to help with stomach fat issues. However, Isabel De Los Rios, founder of The Diet Solution tells us that lowering Cortisol levels is a lot more tricky than one might think. Heavily advertised ads streaming through the television offer a pill that will change a persons fat belly into a flat belly by lowering levels of Cortisol. Surprisingly they don't work, hence the reason why so much of the population is STILL seeking a solution to decrease stomach fat - I mean aside from weight loss in general, losing stomach fat is the most popular weight loss need there is.

So how do you get growth hormone in and cortisol out? Utilize a specific type of physical training called Lactic Acid Training. Let me explain. Growth Hormone is produced and released in response to the production of lactic acid, which is a waste byproduct of chemical and metabolic processes that happens during a specific type of exercise. To product high amounts of lactic acid produced, creating large amounts of Growth Hormone use Lactic Acid Training techniques.

Here is how it works

Lactic Acid training calls for "quick lowering" speeds and "slow lifting" speeds. Lifting speed should be within a four second count. So you would lift over the count of four seconds and then lower quickly, but safely. For squats you would lower quickly and rise over the count of 4 seconds. Exercising with this method will cause the body to produce lactic acid - then producing large amounts of Growth Hormone - giving you needed help with stomach fat loss. And, an added bonus is that Lactic Acid Training will assist you in weight loss over your entire body not just your stomach.

Avoid these 2 foods after Training

Avoid all sugar and fruit juice for two hours after your workout, otherwise you will obliterate the growth hormone response and ruin the major benefit of the workout. Remember that after age 35, growth hormone levels radically decrease.

Hormone in - Cortisol out utilizing Lactic Acid Training for help with weight loss and giving you the added edge you need for help with stomach fat loss.

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