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Here Are 5 Ways To Start Off Your Monday, And Any Other Morning

5 ways to start off your Monday, and any other Morning

Coffee/Tea: Set your coffee pot, or tea brewer at night, just before bed. You will awake to the aroma of your favorite coffee, or green tea and be inspired to move from the bed, to the kitchen to get the day started. One of my favorites is Folgers, Medium. I don’t use milk, sugar or power creamers. There are many liquid creamers to choose from, by International Delight. My morning mood usually determines what will be best for me, so I keep a couple of them on standby. However, my favorite, is the vanilla creamer, by International Delight.

Inspiration:Affirmations written in a place where you can see them, first thing in the morning has helped me get motivated. I usually write them on the bathroom mirror, since that is the first place I go to when I wake. While brushing teeth, washing face…I can read them, as I stand there. Another option for finding inspiration in the early morning hours, can be found in inspirational diaries and journals. A quick peek inside, just to read a few, will get your mind wheels turning. Once the brain is going in a positive direction, the body will begin to move in a more positive direction. It’s a way of self-motivating.

Exercise/Meditation: This has been recommended by many health and fitness guru’s. Meditation and exercise is a way of stretching your mind and body into action. It gets the blood flowing, for increased mobility. You move more fluidly, and it rids your body of that stiff and paralyzed feeling, produced from a deep sleep or lack of sleep. It’s a way of stimulating your mind. When the mind works in connection with the body, it’s like a well-oiled engine and a maintained vehicle, by which you will get better gas mileage. It preventative maintenance for the mind, body and soul, getting you ready and keeping you ready for the later years.

Breakfast/Snack: Maybe you’re not a full-on breakfast kind of person. I certainly don’t eat a full breakfast every morning, even though it is something else that has been recommended by nutritionist, health and fitness instructors, as well as physicians. However, a small snack will still accomplish for some, what a full breakfast accomplishes for others. Grab a protein bar, a protein shake or a breakfast sandwich on the go. Feeding your body after or before a good exercise, is reward for the body. When the body is rewarded, it functions properly.

A morning swim: This is something that if you’re fortunate to have access to, via gym membership, home gym or home pool; you will find to be an excellent way to wake up. I recently discovered it to be the best way for me to wake up, while I was visiting Orlando over the summer. I stayed at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort, during a trip to Disney World and Orlando Studios. I was so busy during the trip, that I never had an opportunity to visit the pool. However, on the last day, I made it a point to take my son out to the pool, so that we could have the pleasure of taking a dive or two, into the beauty of the scene. Since we had to check out at 12, I knew we would have to be up and at it early. Once I hit the water, I was immediately awaken. It wasn’t anything like a shower. It was more than life! I felt immediately rejuvenated. 

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