Here Comes the Red Flag: Signs Your Period is Coming

So, as a woman, you might be all too familiar with the signs that Aunt Flow is coming to town, right? Since ninety percent of women experience PMS or elaborately known as the premenstrual syndrome wherein the symptoms are felt by women at some point in their reproductive life.

However, there are still instances that women definitely miss any signs that their period is coming, which results in a surprise blood leak during an active day. Why the premenstrual symptoms exactly happen, no one knows yet, even the medical practitioners, but one thing that they know for sure is due to the hormonal shift that occurs during the time of the month which causes cramps or feelings of depression.

Regardless of what’s on any of your pre-period checklists, your period signs will usually start 1-2 weeks before your period happens, and they’ll go bleeding once it begins. But how many of these signs do you know well?


Since hormonal fluctuation is the culprit of this all, breaking out before the “d-day” is a prevalent issue for women. Even adult women suffer from acne much more than men due to all the rampaging hormones because of menstruation. The primary cause for this is the rising of the hormone levels which activates the oil production that clogs the pores and causes pimples as your period is about to start.

Mood Swings

Crying over food or be irritable in almost every little thing, it may sound stupid, but all of these is also caused by the shifting of the hormones inside your body before that time of the month. Thus, all the PMS symptoms that are the emotional signs are just as real as the physical ones, meaning your heavy feeling and sadness isn’t just because you’re overacting.

Mood swings are one of the most common signs and are seen as one of the classic PMS traits, although doctors know it is because of the hormones, it is still unclear up to this day as to why it exactly happens.

Feelings of Exhaustion

You had an active day, and you’re tired, you know it to yourself that when you get home, you’ll be rolling away in your bed, sleeping. However, it seems that you cannot sleep just as what you’ve planned to. Why?

This is because of the progesterone which is in charge of your body’s temperature, and because of the shift in your body’s temperature is interrupted, so is your sleep. In this time, you might be experiencing hot flashes which results in sleep disruption. This is actually a vicious cycle for many women, and in fact, PMS and fatigue shares a lot in common of the same symptoms.

Swelling Breasts

You might think to yourself that your breasts have gotten bigger, but look out, it may just be your breast swelling and being tender since your period is on its way. Again, medical practitioners do not have any clue as to why it happens and what role do hormones exactly play here, but these signs could be linked with high levels of prolactin, which is a breastfeeding hormone.

Menstrual Cramps

This the most frequent menstrual complaint —abdominal cramps. This sign, unlike the other symptoms which usually begins 1 to 2 weeks before your menstruation and end when the bleeding starts. Cramps typically show up right before your period and would last for 2 to 3 days.

Period Tracking, Anyone?

So, now you know the signs on when your period is coming to town, how about a little change in this guessing game whether or not your period is coming?

Track out your period by writing it down when they start and when they stop. Then, to figure out the length of your cycle, start counting on your cycle day one until the first day of your next period. You have 28 days as the average menstrual cycle, but it can vary quite a bit. The range for young women is from 21-45 days, while adult women have 21-35 days.


If you’re a young woman who has her first monthly period, then this will help you out to look out for your monthly menstruation cycle. You really don’t need to worry if you won’t be able to familiarize all of these signs since you will eventually get this in the long run. What you should prepare now as a woman, is your menstrual hygiene companion like a menstrual cup, so that you’ll be able to still be active in participating in any activities you’ll be in, while being comfortable as you have your time of the month.

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