Here’s My Fantastic 5, For Fighting The Flu; Conquer The Cold This Season With The Dream Team

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The Cold and Flu season comes around yearly and claims the days and nights of many professionals, including working women, mothers, children and families. When the flu is passed on through the members of the home, this can create a storm of sniffles, sneezes, watery eyes, sore throats, body aches and pains that are just too much for you to handle as the executive of the estate. AKA: Mothers

Going to work can become an arduous task. Staying home with sick kids can bring on a heavier than usual work load, caused by days missed from work and the inability to work from home. Your entire routine could shift, in that you are not able to move from your bed to the kitchen to prepare lunch for the children, dinner for your hubby or work on that overnight project for school, or your own work-from-home assignments. It’s a fight that we can win this season with the right team.

When training for a boxing match, it takes a good amount of practice and conditioning. When getting prepared for a fight, you’d naturally begin with treating your body to the essentials, such as: the right amount of food, vitamins, fluid/liquid and substance which provide nourishment for a healthy dieting plan. In addition to this, you’d add exercise to build strength and endurance, agility and stamina. These things combined are likely to produce positive results on the body, inside and out.

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Prepare for the ultimate fight so that you will have a higher percentage rate of doubling and tripling up on your jab, angling up on your jab, turning your jab into a punch, catching a jab, popping a jab, throwing punches in bunches and ultimately knocking your opponent out. Don’t fly your punches. Put your weight behind them. Your body should work as one unit. Shoulder, arms, hips, and legs all load up and explode at the same time.

Let’s get ready to knock out cold and flu at the same time! We can start by stocking up on the items that you will need, to prepare for what you may endure through your fight. When the flu and cold season comes swinging, explode into your opponent with this combination of a trusted household brands: Puffs and Vicks

FYI: Starting 10/29, Walmart shoppers can save up to $5 on medicine cabinet essentials... On this date, look in the P&G brandSAVER in your local Sunday newspaper or at P& to find coupons for $2 off Puffs 6-count and $1-$3 off Vick’s products including DayQuil, NyQuil, Sinex and VapoRub. This arsenal of cold and flu symptom relievers will help your family feel better this season.

It is estimated up to 20% of Americans will get the flu this year. And with symptoms lasting as long as a week, its time now to stock up on all the necessities needed to ease those symptoms without having to make a flu-induced trip to the store.

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Should you find yourself in a fight with the Cold and Flu at home this Flu season, why not score one for the home team? Here’s how you can conquer Cold and Flu with the fantastic Five:

First: Stay home - You are contagious. I know that for some working mothers, especially single mothers who produce one income for the household, this may not be a viable option. However, spreading the flu to office workers can be more of a hassle on the company than you missing a few days from work. You need rest. Proper rest is the only way that your body can fight and prevent relapse.

While you are home, drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Adequate fluids for hydration is proven to be a necessity in fighting any common cold, especially the flu. Fluids keep your respiratory system hydrated and turn that mucus into a thin liquid you can cough up and spit out. If it builds up in your lungs it could lead to an infection.

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Secondly: USE YOUR VICKS VAPOR RUB. Vicks Vapo Rub is available for babies, children and adults. Call me old school, but this was something I learned as a country girl from Alabama and I still do it. Vapor rub should be used under nose, for clearing nasal passages, on the chest and back for cough and on the bottom of your feet. I have a long lineage of healthy family members who have lived to tell the story about how this works.

Third: Breathe in Steam. I use a Vicks warm steam vaporizer. I have used this for many years. You can also use a pot of boiling water, to achieve the same results. Keep your Vicks Puffs close by, because the steam will loosen up the nasal passages, allowing for you to knock your opponent right in the nose! For information on how to use the Vicks vaporizer, click here 

Fourth: Tackle that cough head on. If there is anything that I learned from previously being married to a pharmacist, it is how to read active ingredients on the back of any over the counter medication, and what they were used for. Vicks DayQuil and NyQuil provide active ingredients which address several symptoms at a time: Acetaminophen: Pain relief and fever reduction. Dextromethorphan: Cough suppressant. Doxylamine succinate: Relief of allergic rhinitis symptoms such as runny nose and sneezing. Guaifenesin: Expectorant. Phenylephrine: Nasal decongestant.

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Vicks Sinex. Vicks Sinex is a brand of topical nasal decongestant spray produced by Vicks. The active ingredient contained in the Sinex nasal spray is Oxymetazoline which acts to relieve blocked nasal passages. People laugh at me for being able to rattle all of this off the top of my head. However, when they are ill, I am the first one they call about what to do. I guess there’s the silver lining.

Fifth: Try a lozenge to moisten a scratchy throat. It may provide some comfort to the cough as well.

This is not a sponsored post. These opinions are my own- taken from 40 years of living ... LOL

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