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Here's The Tea on AuCuTee White Noise Sound Machine

It was just all around funny to hear my son call me a nocturnal animal, without regard to it holding substantial truth; it was mind blowing that he chose the most appropriate word to describe the sleep pattern of his mother, when he, being wise beyond his years realized that I sleep during the day and stay up all night. It was just funnier that it came from someone who was 7-years old.

While a lot can be said about my backwards circadian clock and sleep pattern being thrown off; there’s more to the story. I want to sleep at night! I would truly like to get into my bed at a reasonable hour and fall asleep within minutes like most people I know. I just can’t fall asleep at night.

So, what do you do when this is the case? It’s OK if you have a flexible, work from home career where a set time for bed isn’t necessary. It’s also nice if you have a job where you work nights instead of days. But, what about when you don’t? What happens when you must be up by 5:30 A.M., out the door by 6:30 A.M. and at work by 7:30 A.M but you just went to sleep around 4:00 A.M and you are operating all day on 2 hours of sleep if that?

In either of the cases above, whether you work nights or days or work from home without a set time for bed, the need for adequate sleep and the lack thereof, can impair your ability to function. It can affect your work, your mood and overall performance.

How do you turn that clock around so that you can get on the appropriate sleep pattern? I’ve tried teas, oils, hot baths and more. I have discovered that noise has the best effect on me when trying to fall and stay asleep. Not so much the sound of people talking or cars passing by or even music, but just a non-intrusive, more inviting and welcoming peaceful sound.... something like the wind or a fluid and uninterrupted sound of a breeze.

This is where I put the AuCuTee EZ Fan Sleep Therapy Sound Machine/ White Noise Sound Machine to the test. I was interested in trying it simply because: No 1: There was a dire need for sleep. No 2; there was a dire need to fall asleep at night. And No. 3; because it provided the frequency that I was looking for in a non-interrupted sound of the wind.

The AuCuTee Sleep Therapy Machine served a dual purpose for me as well. In that, during meditation when you’re searching for the quietness of that moment to rid yourself of all sounds around you and to drift into a place where you’re not thinking of anything (which is what a true meditation is) the act of training your mind not to think and be still; I was able to use the machine to aid in that process.

It’s unlike apps where you can incorporate rain or elements as well as instruments- because with that additional sound, the mind will sometimes force you to recognize and identify the different sounds within those melodies, which means your brain is still working against your efforts to achieve quietness. In other words, you are still distracted.

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When you achieve total relaxation and the mind stops running, your body is at rest and you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

AuCuTee Sleep Therapy Machine is easy to use. Once plugged in, you have the choice of placing it on a 30-minute timer or a 60-minute timer along with the option to use it without a timer and allow t to run for the duration of the time you’re in your deep sleep or meditation.

There are two speeds ranging from high to low in sound output, to be used in conjunction with a rotating and sound ventilating top which regulates the wind speed.

So, whether you like the sound of a strong, high speed wind or a low more calming wind; I would say that the AuCuTee Sleep Therapy Machine could help you achieve this overall purpose.

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Comment by Mom Bloggers Club on October 15, 2018 at 6:44am

Awesome! We're so glad to see you liked it.

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