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Of all the mommy blogs in all the websites in all the world… you are reading mine. Why? Probably because you are my family, friend or I guilted you into it. 

Guilt. Small word, big meaning, especially for moms. Shame. Another small word but one that seems synonymous with being a mother lately. Working moms, stay at home moms, breastfeeders, bottle feeders, bed sharers, sleep trainers, we all catch heat for our choices. 

I definitely have opinions on all of these topics and will not hesitate to share them. But the biggest thing I’ve learned about being a mom so far is that sometimes you’re just doing what you need to do to survive. We all love our kids, we all try our best, but we all also screw up sometimes. 

People talk about the so-called Mommy Wars. We all say we want to end them. But the only way we can do that is to be able to share our experiences, our stories, and information without leveling judgement against each other. As moms, and parents we have so many experiences to share with each other and ways to connect. More things unite us than divide us. Maybe I breastfeed and you use formula, but we both know what a sleepless night with a teething baby is, or the terror of taking a newborn home for the first time and not even knowing if they’re buckled into the carseat correctly.

My goal is to find connections with other moms and hopefully allow my experiences, thoughts and opinions to put a dent into stopping the shame game being played against moms. 

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