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The carpets which adore almost all the houses have a long history of evolution dating back to the ancient times though it needs Area rug cleaning. We get the oldest reference of the carpet in the year 2500 BC which is found in the rock paintings of Egypt. As depicted in the rock paintings at that time the carpet rags were used for covering the floor spaces where the leaders used to sit. Gradually the carpet has undergone development through the ages in order to take the present fine shape. During the ancient times the carpets were used mostly for covering the tables. In the later period the practice of using the carpets for covering the floors of the houses has been put in vogue. Also there are instances where the carpets are used as wall hangings for improving the home décor.

The development story of the carpets

In the older days the carpets were hand woven which is still prevalent in the oriental countries. Such hand oven carpets are considered as far superior to the machine made carpets. The aristocrats in Europe and America would prefer to have the hand oven carpets over the machine oven ones. The elegance, beauty and the bright color combination are unparallel in these hand oven carpets. Many tourists while travelling the carpet weaving oriental countries make it a point to purchase such hand oven carpets back home.

It is found in the history that the peak period of the carpet manufacturing was in the sixteenth century. The material for the carpets had been the wool which used to be collected from the sheep and camels. Still today the carpets made from the sheep wools are in great demand. The softness and the texture of the sheep wool are the main features which made it splendid. The main area where the carpet weaving had developed into a form of art were China, Central Asia, Turkey, Central Asian countries as well the East Asian countries mostly based in the mountains. The various activities in the manufacturing of the carpet such as cutting the wools, piling, weaving and such other activities are done in the handloom.

In the modern days after the industrial revolutions the machines have invaded all the fields of human endeavors. In the carpet manufacturing also machines are being utilized but the machine made carpets are still not able to satisfy the taste of the people who are having high and artistic taste and bend of minds. However the cost of the machine made carpets are cheaper than the hand woven carpets. This is due to the fact that weaving a handmade carpet needs months of strenuous labor of many people. But once you look at the high level of texture and the color combinations of the hand oven carpets it is difficult to remove your glance from it. Area rug cleaning is required for keeping the carpets clean.

The cleaning methodology of the carpet has also undergone much change over time. The older form of cleaning by using detergents and shampoo is no longer used. Modern methods of cleaning such as hot water extraction cleaning method, dry cleaning methods etc are employed for the cleaning of the carpets.

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