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Who said I had time for your foolishness? "Not I!”, said the girl who's moving and shaking and making things happen. Back up! Give me my space and let me breathe.  The last I checked, time is not stopping or slowing down for no one. One minute I was a feisty, the world can’t stop me now, twenty one year old; next minute I’m a relaxed, the world’s moving too fast for me, thirty two year old mother who looks forward to sale circulars and trips to the supermarket (Disclaimer: Don’t get it twisted, I am still that same fun loving, life of the party character, it’s just now, the party doesn’t last as long as it use to). Foolishness and ridiculous behavior just don’t occupy this space like earlier times. My nerves can’t tolerate foolish, silly behavior like it once could.  

If you don’t like a person, leave them alone. If you don’t feel well, stay home and get better. If you’re tired, take a nap. If you need money, look for a job. If you need more money, look for another job, go back to school. If you are unhappy with your life, evaluate and make some changes. Point: do something besides talk about it; be about it. What you shouldn’t do is bombard my peaceful space. Complaining and dwelling on circumstances that are within your reach to change, is foolishness. Burning someone’s ear with your unnecessary drama due to your own mess, is foolishness. Not handling your business like an adult is foolishness. Hiding behind the same behavior and attitude of 10 years ago, is absolutely foolishness. If you have the ability to make things happen for yourself, get up and get to it. Stop being silly.

I am on a mission that doesn’t include foolishness. I have goals I’m trying to reach, places I desire to go, and ventures I need to complete. Foolishness abides in the heart of a child (I didn’t say it, the Bible did), and this chick has grown up a long time ago. When I was in college, I acted like a kid in college. I did crazy fun, foolish ridiculous things that I wouldn’t dare do today.

College Junior Year: Driving from Philly to Miami, just to "feel the water" with about enough money to cover the expense of gas...Foolishness (but the water felt great, as did the sand we slept on)
Now, I have my future in focus, and I’m not trying to turn back. That which I once entertained in the past, I cannot entertain present day; whether it comes from friend, kin, acquaintance or foe. Life has a purpose, and time is wasted dealing with foolishness. If you are with me, get in where you fit in, and let’s make our future better than imaginable. There will come a time, when the same old behaviors from the same old folks, will get tired and played out. If not now, then later, but the time will come, and you will say, "Hold up, wait a minute...I don't have time for that."

Now: Impromptu Floridian road trips aren't going down like the days of college past. I'm still hitting the beach with the girls, but there has been some slight changes.


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Comment by Christy Garrett on February 1, 2013 at 4:12pm

Looks like you are having a great time with the girls.  Enjoy.

Comment by Carica on January 31, 2013 at 4:17pm

Thanks Penny,

It's hard when you are trying to grow and change and those around you are resistant to it. At this time in my life, I want to progress to bigger and better things and unfortunately, I can't allow foolish people or behavior to slow me down. But honestly, I did have some GREAT, SILLY moments then...and I'm still having some now...just with an earlier bedtime :)

Comment by Penny Roach on January 31, 2013 at 2:28pm

Oh how I love this post.  We are supposed to grow and change.  We call that progress and you're right, Carica, some people just don't get it.  I love the line to "get in where you fit in".  That's awesome!!

But I bet you have some GREAT memories!!  Love reading.

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