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Holiday Gift Guide: Candlewick Press's Lineup of Holiday Children's Books

Candlewick Press, one of our favorite children's books publishers has an amazing list of Christmas books for kids.

Here are six fantastic choices to provide your children with even more joy this holiday season and six mini-reviews for each book to give you a greater idea of which book you may like the most. Enjoy!

Maisy’s Christmas Party (BUY HERE)

As soon as you open the book your eyes are drawn to the bold and colorful illustrations designed to make a child smile.

And just to make things better the story is chock full of letters to go along with the story, providing exciting surprises with every turn of the page.

Designed for children three years and older, this will be a lovely delight to add to your list of gifts.

The First Christmas Sweater (BUY HERE)

This book, designed for older children due to its lengthy 126 pages, is just as fascinating as the previous, bolder colored Maisy’s Christmas Sweater. Filled with pictures to drive the story along, Ryan Tubridy tells a delightful story of how a sheep goes on a thrilling adventure to win Santa Claus’s lottery to make a sweater from the greatest wool. Will Ewe, the sheep with the multicolored wool, make the cut?

Be ready for plenty of visual surprises with this fantastic read.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt CHRISTMAS Activity Book (BUY HERE)

As a child, activity books are the best and this is easily one of the best activity books that I have ever seen. Filled with all sorts of interactional goodies and yes, lots and lots of stickers, this activity book is worth the buy (and the read).

Peppa Pig and the Christmas Play (BUY HERE)

I cannot give enough praise to this uber-cute book. As I followed the story, I found myself getting happier and happier until, by the book’s final page, I couldn’t deny the huge smile on my face. Christmas truly is the best time of the year and this book, rich with lovable storytelling and heartwarming illustrations, reiterates why.

Little Robin’s Christmas (BUY HERE)

Somehow, I knew, just by looking at the book’s cover, that this book was going to get to my emotions and boy was my intuition correct. This book is lovely with a truly satisfying and heartwarming story told equally by the words and the beautiful pictures.

It’s all about a little Robin who’s getting ready for Christmas and has seven vests. With every day that passes, the Robin meets a friend who’s in desperate need of warmth and upon meeting them he gives them his vest. This happens over and over again until a certain surprise destined to bring a smile (and maybe even a tear) to the reader transpires towards the end of the story.

Christmas is all about giving and the beauty of goodness and this book highlights that immensely. This book made me so happy. I love it.

Dasher (BUY HERE)

As soon as you open this book the art strikes you in the face with its brilliance. There’s no denying that this is going to be a fantastic read and it isn’t long before that fact is confirmed.

Dasher, a doe wishing for a better life than the decent one she has, goes on a spectacular adventure that leads her to Santa Claus. Told beautifully through the awe-inducing illustrations, this is the riveting tale of how Dasher would go on to pull Santa’s sleigh every Christmas to help bring children their gifts.

Whether you’re an adult or a child reading this story it will bring you plenty of joy.

These six books are fascinating, delightful reads that are sure to be a wonderful gift for the holidays!

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