Hubby up early, I think someone forgot to tell him he's supposed to be on holiday. He brought my tablets and breakfast in bed and off he went at 7.30 am for a walk down into Clovelly to check out the route. I was awoken at 8.30am with a message and photo of Clovelly Harbour " just arrived, great views but very steep, no one about, streets clear of tourists great for taking photos " he does love to take photos bless him.
I eventually got downstairs at 11.00am to be greeted by my recently returned hubby red in the face from his mornings exertions. "Blimey that's steep, it shows how much out of condition I am", he said. Tell me about it I thought to myself. " Bloody great big bull in the top field" he informed me.
" what did you do? " I asked.
" Well, kept my eyes down, stuck to the edge, breathed deeply and confidently walked passed him" he replied.
He then explained that we could catch a Landrover to the bottom of Clovelly and back to the top for £2 each way per person, and that would be the only way I would get to see part of the village, oh well better I see some of it rather than none of it I thought. Hubby got his maps out again once again and suggested a visit to a local Abbey some 5 miles away if I was feeling upto it. Not too much walking there I suppose, so after lunch we where on our way.
A little history about Hartland Abbey, the last Abbey to be dissolved by King Henry VIII and given to the keeper of the kings wine cellars, now that's what I call a perk of the job. Been in the same family ever since, quite remarkable really, beautiful gardens from what I could see and very impressive from the outside. Hubby insisted on taking a few photos in the garden before we went inside the Abbey for a walk around.
I was still feeling the strain from yesterday when we went inside and before long I had to ask if it was ok to sit down on one of the chairs because I was feeling faint . I missed all the information about the dining room with my head feeling like it was everwhere except where it should have been. Apparently hubby told me later that one of the owners bought a table to seat 20+ guests for £10 back in the 1930's and todays value is over £ 300,000, now that's what I call a bargain.
We slowly made our way around the Abbey, but missed some of the rooms out as it was too much to cope with, spoons once again in very short supply. Once outside I told hubby I needed to sit down and have a cup of tea and rest, " ok you do that and I'll go on that walk down to the sea that the man on the gate told us about. "
" How long will you be? I asked. He thought it would take about an hour and we arranged to meet on the bench at the front of the Abbey.
Lemon and ginger tea and a slice of tea loaf, nice but it did little to replenish my energy levels. I made my way slowly around to the benches to sit in the sun and await my hubby's return. Sometime later I awoke to see him, grinning, camera in hand. " Been asleep have we? "
" I think so " I replied . He then showed me a photo he had taken moments earlier with me fast asleep sitting upright; he thought it most amusing.
" Let's go to Hartland Quay " hubby said "it's only a few miles away with what looks like impressive scenery. There's a hotel and car park, so no long walks. " I agreed and we were once again on our way. Only ten minutes later we were parked up, but I was too tired to get out the car so hubby went off on his own again. He loves all things to do with rocks and cliffs and from what I could see from the car park we were surrounded with some spectacular views. He returned some time later and persuaded me to have a look with the bribe of a drink in the local hotel - all very nice but more than enough for the day. Exhausted we returned to the cottage for a good nights sleep.

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