I awoke on Monday morning feeling surprisingly refreshed. At some time during the night I had been visited by the " Spoon Fairy " who replenished my cuttlery sevice with tea, soup and dessert spoons - wonderful, but how long would it last?
" Not too much today, please I want to keep some spoons in reserve "
" No probs, " hubby replied, " We'll visit Eldern Point and Hartland Point, they've both got car parks very close to them so very little walking, we'll take a little lunch and make an afternoon of it" he said.
We parked up on a National Trust car park at East Titchberry Farm, thatched cottage and outhouse, very idyllic with ducks wandering around. Only a very short slow walk to the viewpoint at Eldern Point, beautiful views across the sea and imposing views of the nearby cliff. We spent a pleasent 30 mins or so here admiring the views before making our way back to the car park.
Less then 10 minutes later we arrived at Hartland Point, a large car park and quite busy , parked up close to the coastal path and ate lunch overlooking the sea, very rewarding. The coastal path could be seen winding it's way up hill, quite steep in parts, oh dear I thought that looks strenuous.
" Do you fancy having a go or would you rather wait in the car? " Pete asked", I'm sure he can read my mind at times. Well your'e only here once so give it a go girl I thought to myself, " yes I'll come but take it slowly" I replied.
Very slowly we made our way up hill resting frequently whilst hubby picked wild blackberrys for me, he his a darling. Not for the first time we were overtaken by elderly people, a bit disheartening to be honest to see someone so much older than yourself having no difficulty whilst I struggled like a chain smoker gasping for breath. But I got there eventually to be rewarded with splendid views in all directions, a ship wreck and a lighthouse so well worth the effort. We rested at the top, well I rested while hubby continued to click away, " smile " he would say not realising, and how could he, that I hadn't the energy to smile - so a half smile half grimace would have to make do. The return was just as torturous but in the end we arrived back at the car totally wiped out . I needed to rest and soon. I felt sure I was going to pass out but thankfully I was spared and fell asleep in the car on our way back.
The sun was still shining when we arrived back at the cottage, " Fancy a nice cup of tea in the garden before you go to bed? " hubby asked. A very welcome cup of Red Bush! and Pete had something a little stonger of course. We looked out onto a field full of cows - you can't beat the countryside to lift your spirits a little.

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