Dawned a bright and sunny day, well it did according to hubby, it was still lovely when I arose from my deep slumber and got myself ready. My day was already planned out for me if I thought I would be up to it. " Nothing too strenuous today, honest. " hubby informed me. "A short drive down to Clovelly Court Gardens and Church and then down to the visitor's centre to catch the Landrover Service down to the harbour." Well that didn't sound too bad I thought.
Clovelly Court Gardens are all contained within Victorian Walls with restored greenhouses. It's a working garden that supplies all the fresh produce for the ancient manor house and still has sufficient left to sell to the general public. If you are down in this area it's well worth a visit, it really is beautifully set out and full of vibrant colours and the finest example of a Victorian Walled Garden I have ever seen.
If you pass through an arch and gate half way down the garden you are treated to some incredible views of rolling countryside leading down towards the coast and beyond. The ancient manor house is surrounded by finely maintained lawns and is very picturesque in it's settings, and guess what hubby was busy snapping away again.
We paid a short visit to the Parish Church of All Saints dating back to the 13th century and the graveyard contained generations of village families, sadly many of whom died far too young according to the headstones.
Back to the car and down to the visitors centre to catch the Landrover service down to the harbour. Well the driver was rather too quick for me in my delicate state and I felt quite sick with all the sharp turns but thankfully it was over in only a few minutes. Looking up at what I could see of the village of Clovelly I could understand my hubbys previous comments about not making it down by myself. The entire village looks like it's been glued to the hillside, extremely steep! I wondered how the locals coped with the walk everday, it's a traffic free zone, sledges and donkeys are used to take goods up and down the streets.
We went into the Red Lion pub adjoining the harbour and ordered fish and chips for lunch, you cant beat fish and chips at the seaside and we were not disappointed it was most enjoyable. Hubby likes trying out the different local ales on offer and had a pint of Dooms bar, tasted better than the name suggested he assured me while I had my usual .orange juice.
Suitably refreshed and rested we went for a short walk along the beach to a nearby waterfall known as The Devils Kitchen, but on route I took a turn for the worse, quite quickly all my energy just drained away and I needed to lie down on the peebles to rest . Hubby said I fell asleep for over half an hour and was oblivous to all that was happening around me. When I did wake up I didn't feel much better and it was a painfully slow walk back along the beach to the awaitng landrover. It's proving so difficult to judge what I can do! With this damn illnes the energy suddenly deserts you and leaves you feeling completely helpless. Hubby is getting used to it and takes it in his stride. I wished I could it really gets me down at times, it's SO frustrating.

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