Home design ideas that are worth on the long-run

Trends come and go, and just as you will become bored with your newest dress in a few weeks, you will probably get bored of a new impulsive home design. So, on the long run, many design decisions are not worth it. However, one could still invest in a few elements that will make a real difference in terms of design, and finances as well. Take multi fuel stoves as an example. They create a cosy, warm design, while they help homeowners choosing those as a reliable heating source save plenty of money and protect the environment at the same time. If this tickles your fancy, consider investing in a stove like those from  There are available on the market a multitude of alternatives, from both the design point of view, as well as the fuels necessary. Keep reading if you want to find out more about sustainable home improvement projects. 

Build your living room around a multi-fuel stove

Turn a multi fuel stove into the core of your living space. Depending on the general design of your home, you could choose a more rustic or modern design. Keep everything minimal if you opt for the modern design. Although sharp edges and minimal furniture are some central elements of a modern design, consider adding some fake sheepskins on the floors to soften the sharp edges. A functional multi-fuel stove like yours cannot be used as a display for décor elements, since it will heat up too much. However, the glow of the fire and the warmth emanated from it will certainly create an amazing impression and visual effect. You can arrange the room furniture is such a fashion to beautifully frame your stove. But because this article is all about home décor elements that pay off in the long run, which are the benefits of investing in such a piece?

  • You can pick from a multitude of fuels;
  • An economical option to traditional heating systems;
  • Fuel-efficient;
  • Reduce condensation;
  • Improved ventilation capabilities;
  • Lower energy bills

As you can easily notice, multi-fuel stoves not only bring a series of aesthetic advantages, but they also improve a household expense capability considerably. So if you think that the only advantage brought by these is that you can design an entire room with those as a central point, you couldn’t be more wrong.

A loft conversion

Although this may seem a bit too complex, this is something that will certainly benefit you on the long-run. A loft conversion will add to the functional space that exists in a home and will increase your property’s value. Also, this is not only a great way of increasing the available space, but it is also one of the most cost-effective. The costs involved by these projects are from somewhere around £20,000 to somewhere around £45,000, depending on the available dimensions. These improvements and concepts have gained an increased popularity in the past few years, which made them almost a requirement when selling a property. Thus, if you want to have increased selling chances in case of a potential house sale, invest in such additions. However, never start a project of this kind without professional assistance, sine its success strongly depends on the team’s experience and skill.

A kitchen remodel is for the years to come

Kitchens tend to be the focal points in case of a house sale. Generally, the better the kitchen, the faster your property will sell. Generally, people certainly appreciate increased storage capabilities in a kitchen, as well as their ability to hide certain appliances. A recent study has shown that when it comes to kitchen improvements, they have the potential to increase a property’s value by 4%. This is an incredible per cent of a property’s value. An investment of this kind will not only increase your property’s value, but it will also offer new possibilities in terms of design. Choose modern kitchen furniture, with a multitude of storage options. Search for companies that are able and willing to adapt their pieces to the existing layout of your kitchen. Customizable kitchen furniture is always way better than pre manufactured one. It opens new possibilities when it comes to storage solutions and proper appliance fixation. Also make sure to invest in new lighting solutions. By increasing the amount of light in a room, you create the illusion of a larger space. Search for pieces in steam punk design since they enjoy so much popularity, lately.

Add some curb appeal

Work on the entrance of your home and create some beautiful curbs. They will make the entrance more appealing by softening the existing design. Also, make sure to apply a fresh coat of paint in a colour that will make the entire home pop up. A combination of red and black would work wonderfully, and in case of a house sale, it will be more inviting for potential buyers. Also, accentuate the arches with a fresh layer of white paint, so they create a contrast with the black and red door. Add a new letter box, a fresh mat and a new house number, preferably a gold piece. Make sure that the pathway is in good shape, since you want to maintain an impeccable aspect of your main entrance.

These are some redesign ideas that will bring plenty of value to your property. Also, these are not improvements based on a trend or another, they are classical ones. People will enjoy a wood stove in ten years from now just as they do in the present day. Also, these improvements not only look great and have an amazing appeal, but they also create a friendlier environment, have the potential of decreasing the energy expenses (like a multi fuel stove has)  and contribute enormously to increase your property’s price in case of a sale. However, make sure that you only collaborate with professionals in the process of redesigning your living space or making additions like a loft conversion.

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