Well. I had to leave the boat. There's a wedding. My husband on buisness begged me to come with him. A chance to see the grandkids. My friend is very sick. That did it. Here I am back in the land of ice and snow and not completely hating it, but you know.... It snowed all day today and I had to drive the big truck. Less chance of a spin out. I got to spend some time with my sweet friend (sigh), got a parking ticket (groan), had my over-due mammogram (yuck) and then the fun started: Skinny, Cinnammon Dulce Latte at Starbucks (delish), a quick stop in a "buy-some-clothes-and-get-out-quick" place (retail therapy), an afternoon on the blog site (feeding the addiction) and then out for supper (what's another few pounds?).

A new place. Small franchise place. Tonight it was hosted and staffed by the local high school volleyball team raising funds for a training camp in Cuba come April. Our friend's son is on the team and we met around 7 pm for a late dinner. It was a catch-up deal since we last saw them in summer around the pool. His mum had died in September. Our son has begun a new buisness. Our daughter had a baby. Their daughter is in second year university. Lots of chat and gossip.

I really think life is all about relationships and nothing more. My Dad used to say, "Home is where you hang your hat." Where do we actually LIVE? We seem to be constantly moving. We live on our boat in the winter/summer, depending on where it is and spend the rest of the year in our own home in central Canada, or visiting our kids out west, or family on the east coast. I admit it is difficult maintaining three different places, gardens, pets, upkeeps, but it all comes down to the friends and family we spend our days with. We go thru life in relationship, there is no better way to do it.

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Comment by Rosemary Nickerson on February 10, 2010 at 10:04pm
so, is this a second blog site? I really do not competely understand how this works. Can someone help me out here?

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