Home Organisation Tips: Keeping Home Tidy Over the Christmas Break

When the holidays come to town, they bring with them busy weekends, big messes, and little time to clean them up! Every family struggles to find a balance of “fun” and “organised” during this busy time of year. When there is Christmas fun to be had, who wants to clean?

If you find yourself struggling as well, try these fun home organisation tips. By preparing just a few simple items, you’ll find your home will stay much neater and happier throughout the holiday season.

Christmas Tree Chore Board

One cute way to get everyone in the family to help keep things in order is to make a Christmas Tree chore board! Purchase or draw a poster with a picture of a Christmas tree with presents under it.

On each present, make a removable name label that lists a chore that needs to be done daily or weekly to keep things looking fresh and tidy.

When someone does that chore, they can bring you the name tag and get a small Christmas treat in return! Some fun treats include candy canes, cookies, small gift cards, or any other stocking stuffer type gift.

With this type of motivating, everyone will help you to keep things organized. And who doesn’t love when the whole family wants to pitch in to keep things clean?

Deep Clean Before the Holidays Begin

An essential part of making sure that you can keep things clean during the holiday season is to do a thorough cleaning before it even begins!

Let’s admit it: when things are a little messy at home, it’s easy to let them get even messier. After all, what’s the harm in one more pile of laundry if there’s already one in the bedroom?

To avoid this mentality from sticking around through the holidays, block out an entire weekend to do a deep cleaning of the entire house - including bathrooms - before the Christmas season arrives. Once things are clean, you and your family will find it easier to keep things tidy as time goes on.

Organisation Stations

Sometimes, the stress of putting shoes away in the proper spots, hanging up coats, or even finding a rag to clean with can be the reason that the cleaning doesn’t get done on time.

To avoid this problem, set up organisation stations throughout your home. These stations do not take much work to put together, but they make organising oh-so-easy!

● Set up a specific shoe rack or area for your family’s and your guests’ shoes

● Make room in the coat closet so coats can easily be tucked out of site

● Create a quick cleaning basket and store it somewhere easy to access for cleaning up any small messes as they occur

● Set up a “donation” box in a tucked away corner; put needless clutter in it when it        gets in the way

Every family has different cleaning and home organisational needs. Set up various stations that suit your family to ensure that you stay clean all season long!

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