An education is the most important tool we can give our children. It builds character, enhances confidence and paves the way for a successful career. Although a lot of teaching is done in the classroom, home is the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. This year, teach your child homework habits and study tips that will stay with them throughout their education. 

1. Choose a designated study area. Setting aside a quiet place for homework and study time can help students focus. Make sure the area is equipped with a computer, printer, pens, pencils, paper and any other school supplies your child may need.

2. Pick a time and stick to it. When children have a routine, it is easier for them to develop good study habits and stick with them. Begin this school year with a homework and study routine to help your student adjust to their new workload.

3. Cut the cord. Make study and homework time a technology-free-zone, except for school materials. If you child has a cellphone or tablet, leave it on silent in another room. This will cut down on distractions and help them focus on the task at hand. 

4. Be available to answer questions. You are your child’s most important resource. It’s imperative to be available, even if you don’t have all the answers, to talk through homework assignments or study materials. If you notice your child becoming frustrated, offer to help them work through an assignment. 

5. Open the lines of communication. Many teachers are happy to communicate with parents looking to help their student achieve success. Send your child’s teacher a friendly email to open the lines of communication, and be sure to attend any events including open house and parent-teacher conferences. This can help you and your child throughout the year if you have questions or concerns. 

6. Use positive reinforcement. Make sure to praise your child for their diligent work. Take the time to read over their homework and let them know you’re proud of the time and energy they put into it. Just the knowledge that you are going to read it can be motivation for a child to do well. Be sure to reward their hard work. You can find fun ways to celebrate your child’s accomplishments like a “Keep on Truckin” certificate from

7. Teach them how to study. The difference between doing homework and studying is a skill that some students don’t learn until it’s too late. Take time to teach your child the importance of reviewing materials and concepts they learn in the classroom. If you ingrain study time into a regular schedule, your child will learn to gradually review their coursework instead of “cramming” for an exam.

8. Don’t do it alone. If your child is struggling with a particular subject and you’re not able to provide the help they need, seek outside resources. There are many different options for tutoring and after-school help available for students. Contact your child’s school or a local learning center for afterschool instructing. Finding your child help early in the year, before they fall behind, can lead to success, so don’t hesitate to seek a professional. 

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