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Household Appliances Which Promote Independence for the Elderly Loved Ones in Your Life

Getting older doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of independence. With the right tools around the house, elderly individuals can maintain a sense of self-reliance. When shopping for an older person, consider the following items.


Hand-Held Shower Heads


Having the right showerhead can make a daily hygiene regimen much easier. It's a smart investment for older individuals with mobility issues. This type of shower heads sits in a bracket, but anyone can remove and maneuver it to prevent strain and ensure a more thorough cleaning. For the most convenience, look for a model that's easy to clean and offers a high degree of flexibility.


Bathtub Transfer Benches


A bathtub transfer bench is another useful bathroom tool for anyone who has balance or mobility problems. Half of the bench sits securely in the tub, and the other half rests outside of the tub. The design makes it easier for senior citizens to get into a tub without risking injury. When purchasing one of these, take a look at its weight restrictions and be sure it's used as intended to avoid any accidents.


Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners


Cleaning a home can be a taxing activity that puts a strain on the muscles and joints. Fortunately, lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly facilitate ease of motion. The ZeroG Vac is a vacuum cleaner that moves on a cushion of air, allowing it to glide smoothly between hardwood and carpeted areas. A half-gallon storage container and power brush options allow it to pick up plenty of dirt without the need for constant maintenance. Highly portable and easy to store, this vacuum is an excellent product for people of any age. 

Adjustable Beds

Getting out of bed shouldn't be a chore, but when you're suffering from back pain, this simple activity can be difficult. Adjustable beds are one way to make the process easier. However, these can be a big investment, so it's important to carefully research your options and their functionality. You'll also want to be sure the adjustable base you buy is compatible with the mattress type you settle on.

When it comes to household chores, there's plenty to do. You'll find no shortage of products that ensure your elderly loved ones maintain their independence and stay safe around their own home. In addition to the aforementioned products, consider items like high-quality lighting, clocks that cater to those with poor eyesight, and lift chairs that make it easier to get around multi-story homes. Older individuals who spend a lot of time in the kitchen can benefit from appliances like automatic jar openers and electronic food choppers.

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