How can working moms become a responsible pet owner?

Among all other companion pets, dogs are unparalleled in their loyalty, devotion and friendship with human beings. Anyone who has ever stayed with a dog will vouch for their hundred-fold return that they get from this human-canine relationship. Can you ever match anything with the excitement which your pet dog shows when you return home from work? The wagging tail, the enjoyment of the tennis ball and the head nestled within your lap are the best rewards that you can get as a dog owner.

Now that you’re a mom who has lots of other responsibilities to carry forward, you have to acquire the skills of becoming a responsible dog owner. Owning a dog is not only a privilege but also a responsibility and there’s more to it than just getting the best Australian pet insurance – iselect. Here are few things that will make you more responsible.

  1. Know your commitment and accept it

You can’t take dog ownership too lightly as it is an emotional and financial commitment. Before you decide on the right type of dog for you, you should make a true assessment on whether or not you have the proper home for him.

  1. Determine your lifestyle

Once you get a pet dog, he will become a part and parcel of your life that’s inseparable. You have to ensure that he suits your lifestyle in a proper way. In case you’re a sportsperson, you won’t be happy with a pet dog which has got low levels of energy. If you’re a clean-freak, you should get a dog that doesn’t shed his fur. Consider such aspects of your lifestyle.

  1. Select a proper breed

Once you make your list of the best characteristics that you want in your dog, make sure you do a bit of homework to find out the breed which best suit your lifestyle. You may attend a dog show or visit the website of AKC. Streamline your choices to the breed which looks best for you.

  1. Obtain a referral

You should have a good chance of remaining satisfied when you receive your pet dog from an ethical and responsible breeder whose concern is to offer dogs of stable temperament, high quality and good health. The AKC usually has breeder referral for each breed and you can also get contact details of such rescue organizations in your area.

  1. Choose an older dog

You should remember that puppies aren’t meant for all. In case you think that an older dog better fits in with your kind of lifestyle. Majority of the rescue dogs have been neutered, spayed and screened for temperament and health issues.

Therefore, if you’re concerned about how you can become a responsible dog owner despite being a busy mom, you should keep in mind the above mentioned points. Choosing the best breed carefully will help you adjust with your canine companion in the best possible way. Get help from dog owners who have enough experience in handling pets.

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