How Can You Keep Your Kids Busy During a Lockdown?

Everyone's world has turned upside down over the past few months. With schools, stores, private medical offices closed, events canceled, and bans on travel, our lives seem to be a lot harder than we would expect to be. People have been told to socially distance themselves so that they stop spreading the COVID-19 pandemic. Being forced to stay at home, especially when you have kids, it's not convenient for anyone, especially when boredom sets in.

Aside from the fact that you will spend a lot of time from now on being locked in your house with your family and kids, it will be hard to take a breath of fresh air. Or even more difficult, to spend some time alone. But here are a few rules or tips, whatever you call them, to follow during the lockdown. Despite the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, there are always ways in which you can get rid of the ordinary and keep your family positive and happy. Let's see how you can stay focused and healthy while accomplishing a few goals along the way.

Create a Routine that Works for the Entire Family

How to keep your family sane during the lockdown? Well, life got very disruptive now, so you might find it hard to stay focused on things right now, especially when worrying news is coming from all sides. Take one step at a time. To avoid creating unnecessary drama and panic, try to reduce the time spent on social media, or in front of the TV watching the news. Most of the time, they only increase people's fear by spreading fake rumors. Discover small things that can bring your family joy and relaxation.

Creating a routine that involves all of your family members can be a great way to connect and forget about the difficult time that you are going through. For example, if your kids enjoy playing video games all day long, make sure you implement a new routine, so this isn't the only thing that they will practice all day. Take advantage of this time to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. And by that, it means that you must interact with each other more.

Set Some Goals

Is your child passionate about something, and you never had time to talk about it? Do you feel the need to set up new goals? Now it's the perfect time to involve in setting up new family goals and make them happen. Children have always been attracted to new activities, as long as they fulfill their interests.

Setting up new goals will make your family attract new behavior, be more focused on their daily activities, and become a lot motivated later in life. Your kids will feel more confident and a lot more active during the day. It's essential to make your kids positively release their energy. For example, you can ask your kids to pick a fun activity to enjoy on every Sunday and stick with it for as long as you can.

Dont Put Your Health on the Back Burner

During the coronavirus lockdown, most families use it as an excuse and start to neglect their health. With all the free time and the refrigerator now in easy reach of the kids, its most likely that they tend to put on a few pounds. It is essential to avoid unhealthy food, such as junk food, sweets, and fizzy drinks. Not only your kid's lifestyle matters but yours too. So, in this period, avoid unhealthy food and incorporate only organic, natural ingredients into your dishes. 

For example, organic CBD tinctures and oils can be purchased online and added to your favorite meals. Fresh vegetables and foods can also be ordered online, as most of the stores are now closed. Also, make sure you keep your family in shape. Better said, don't forget to exercise daily, now that the gyms are closed. There are plenty of activities that can be done outdoor, including exercising. Anything that keeps you and your kids fit and healthy is necessary.  

Set Up a Schedule, If Needed

The pandemic has created a lot of damage, but fortunately, for those who are in the lockdown, there is still a chance to make every day worth it. If your kids are younger and can't manage to organize their daily activities, you could start setting up a schedule, if needed. Children always feel the need to be protected and have their parents around to tell them what to do. 

From waking up in the morning to brushing their teeth, and have breakfast, a detailed schedule will help you and your kids manage things easier throughout the day. Also, a detailed schedule will help your kids remain mentally engaged in what they have to do. Otherwise, you will be forced to remind them every time about lunchtime, creative time, homework time, bedtime, and so on. That could be overwhelming for anyone, for sure. They might not follow every single rule on the schedule, yet in time, they will get used to it, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how responsible they've become. 

Go Outside, If Possible

It is a difficult time when you and your family won't be able to go to the cinema, at the theatre or the playground, but if you have a house with a yard, you are one lucky family. If you can still go outdoor to get some fresh air, do it every time you can. Ask your kids to go outside and play in the sun, and keep video games for when the weather is bad.

Grab the bikes, pitch a tent in the backyard, or make a campfire. Even if you stay in the yard, relaxing on the swing, water the flowers together, or play with the pets, it's still going to help you feel a lot happier. The fresh air will boost your immune system and lower your stress and anxiety. The smell of nature is almost enough to give you extra energy. Also, remember that this is temporary, and soon enough, you and your kids will be able to resume your normal activities.

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