Once in a week my son attends the “Electric club” in his school. Now a day he is making traffic light with a battery. Didn’t get chance to see it as he said, he still has a little to finish it up.

Today he had the electric club day, so I didn’t show up in his school to pickup him on regular time. I was planning to go 45 minutes later, to give him enough time to complete his work in the club. After 30 minutes I have got a call from school. Shafeen called me, “Where are you?”.

I: “I am at home”

Son: “Why didn’t you come to pickup me?”

I: “Today you have the electric club, didn’t you go there?” (I was thinking he might have forgotten to go to that room)

Son: “No, that class has been canceled” (Previously, whenever this club class canceled, his class teacher emailed me. Today I didn’t get any news)

I: “OK, I am on my way. From next, if you have any class dismissed, please call me immediately.”

Son: “OK”

While I was driving back him to home, I asked, “What did you think, when you didn’t see me on time?” I was assuming he might though I am in trouble.


I started thinking, how could he think like that. I never forget to pickup him up. How could he come up with this idea!

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