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Cute ways to announce your pregnancy

Did you just discover that you're pregnant? Congratulations! The two lines on the pregnancy test are a proof that you're walking with a baby in your belly.

So, soon you have to get the news out to the unsuspecting father, your parents, grandparents, friends and other relatives. So, why not do it in a cute and creative way? You can make these moments of pregnancy unforgettable, if you discover original ideas to announce the happy news.

Here are a few ideas on how you can tell the big news in a creative and cute way. These ideas can surely get you inspired about how you can break the sweet news in the funniest and cutest fashion.

Top Funny Ideas for Announcing Pregnancy

If you already have kids, feel free to share here how did you share the news about your pregnancy? Did you scream out as soon as you saw the two blue lines on your test? Or you knew that you were pregnant? Or did you keep it as a secret till the point that your belly could not hide it any more?

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